MKAI Releases Report on AI Ethics and Safety Summits, Calls for Collective Action to Ensure Responsible AI Development  

Milton Keynes, England, 15 November 2023

AI Leaders Unite to Chart Ethical Course for Technology

Milton Keynes, UK – 15 November 2023 – Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (MKAI) has published a comprehensive report analysing the key discussions and recommendations from the recent UK Government AI Safety Summit and MKAI AI Ethics and Safety People’s Summit, both held in Bletchley, UK. 

The report, titled “Analysis of Outcomes and Strategic Directions from the UK Government and MKAI AI Safety Summits”, examines the distinct approaches taken by the UK Government’s summit versus the MKAI People’s Summit. It provides a comparative analysis of the summits’ outcomes and conveys MKAI’s perspective on the urgent need for concrete action in shaping the trajectory of AI development.

“While the UK Government’s summit succeeded in securing unified commitments, we believe such pledges must be backed by immediate and robust policy measures,” said Richard Foster-Fletcher, Founder and Chair of MKAI.

The report highlights actionable recommendations targeted at businesses, policymakers, the scientific community and individuals. These span areas such as implementing regular algorithmic audits, enhancing AI literacy through educational initiatives, demanding transparency from tech companies, and exercising digital rights as consumers. 

“The ethical considerations of AI are not hypothetical scenarios awaiting us in the future but are pressing issues that demand our immediate attention – legislation, taxation and careful avoidance of new technology monopolies emerging.” Foster-Fletcher emphasised. “We cannot afford to wait for future summits while opaque and potentially dangerous AI systems are already deployed. The time for action is now.”

MKAI is committed to championing transparency, accountability and safety in AI development. The organisation aims to continue fostering inclusive dialogues between the public and private sectors while advocating for policies and frameworks that ensure AI aligns with human values. “The responsible evolution of AI requires immediate, collective and multi-stakeholder action,” said Foster-Fletcher.

The full report is available on the MKAI website here or via the Kindle Store here.

About MKAI

MKAI, representing Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, is a leading capacity-building organisation dedicated to the ethical and responsible advancement of AI technologies. Our core mission is to foster genuine, transparent discussions on the ethical and safety considerations of AI, guided by principles of fairness, accountability, and public comprehension.

We are committed to ensuring that a diverse range of voices and perspectives are included in the narrative surrounding AI, to promote its ethical development and application for the benefit of all. MKAI provides a platform for open, meaningful dialogue, engaging both the public and private sectors in critical conversations.

MKAI is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has a leadership team from four continents of the world. The MKAI community of more than 1,000 technology experts, academics and enthusiasts represents over 108 nationalities. We consider our diversity to be our strength, with our ability to incorporate the viewpoints of business and government leaders, with those of civic organisations and members of society with a limited understanding of AI. MKAI stands as a testament to equity, via the power of diverse perspectives being able to shape the global dialogue on ethical AI, steering the conversation to balance the imperatives of innovation, ecology, justice, and inclusion. 


Hazel Reambillo
Director of Marketing