MKAI Partners with Mabalacat City College

Milton Keynes, England, DECEMBER 2, 2021

  • MKAI has forged a partnership with Philippine-based state college, Mabalacat City College with the aim to establish an AI Ethics Institute in the country.
  • MKAI and Mabalacat City College launched the partnership through an AI Ethics webinar attended by more than 500 students, faculty members and guests from the college and neighbouring universities.
MCC Poster

It gives us great pleasure to announce a partnership between MKAI and Mabalacat City College! Both parties have entered into a long-term strategic partnership to establish an AI Ethics Institute at Mabalacat City College (MCC). MCC and MKAI agreed to begin introducing AI Ethics to students while exploring the ways and means to make it happen.

Raymond John Vergara, MCC’s VP for External Affairs and Internationalization, Dennis Tacadena Dean, Institute of Computing Studies, and MKAI’s Karen Beraldo and Hazel Reambillo have signed the agreement. Mabalacat City College is located in the city of Mabalacat in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. 

This collaboration aims to strengthen and broaden existing ties between Mabalacat City and MKAI by offering learning, research, and exchange opportunities.

When the world is changing by the second, the next generation, in particular, will be faced with a plethora of decisions regarding their future lives. Following this, MCC has been assisting Students, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Business Partners, and Communities in contributing to the place’s long-term growth.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence can make Mabalacat City College’s education system more efficient and help it achieve its vision of providing quality education to all.

The “Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence” webinar

As AI grows in popularity, more and more people will be dragged into discussions about the ethics of the technology.

It takes dedication and involvement from diverse communities and cultures to make sure that the decisions made by AI are ethical for society.

We’re incredibly excited to see how AI transforms business, but this field of thought is vital to ensure a positive impact. 

The webinar is a collaborative effort between MCC’s Raymond Vergara and MKAI Director of Communications and Partnerships Karen Beraldo  was titled “Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence”. Speakers included Vibhav Mithal, Hazel Reambillo and Aruna Pattam. The webinar provided a unique opportunity for both the speakers and the audience to advance the ethical maturity related to this cutting-edge technology.

This webinar held in October 2021 will be followed up with a technical webinar in early 2022. We’re excited to have the opportunity to organise these events with AI enthusiasts and AI specialists from our community – every single one of them is an expert in their field and is bursting with new ideas.

About MKAI:

MKAI is an inclusive community of diverse thinkers that together are shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence. One of the core values is championing diversity and inclusion in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has had a diversity disaster that has contributed to flawed systems that perpetuate gender and racial biases. MKAI acknowledges the gravity of the situation and is committed to including diverse contributors to everything we do.

Also, we’re actively supporting AI developments that integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that organizations globally must develop artificial intelligence that goes further than just creating profit. MKAI wants to see all organizations and companies factoring the UN SDGs into development and innovation.

Finally, we’re operating with transparency and fairness while creating awareness that AI, where possible, should be explainable, transparent, fair, and ethical.


MKAI is the responsible AI community that engages in open-minded conversation, events and crowdsourced projects around artificial intelligence themes such as; ethics, inclusivity, privacy and sustainability. It attracts people from different walks of life, with different experiences, driving its strength and impact from its diversity and inclusiveness.