MKAI Inclusive Summit June 2023: How Technology and Climate Action Can Drive a New Era of Prosperity

This MKAI Inclusive Summit explores how digital technologies and climate action can drive prosperity and challenges the traditional narrative of uncapped economic growth. It aims to inspire a new economic mindset that prioritises social and environmental progress alongside traditional economic measures, exploring alternative metrics for measuring growth and progress, and considering natural capital as a vital asset in promoting sustainability and more inclusive approaches to progress.

Watch the video replay above and be a part of this ongoing conversation with MKAI.Org!

Forum Contributors:

  • Shivam Kishore – Senior Advisor for Digital Transformation and Sustainability at the UN Environment Programme
  • Amanda Janoo – Economics and Policy Lead at WEAll (Wellbeing Economy Alliance)
  • Dr Henry J. Roman – Chief Director for Sector Innovation and Green Economy at the Department of Science and Innovation, South Africa
  • Sofie Terp Clausen – Digitalisation Coordinator at the One Planet Network, UN Environment Programme
  • Paul Levy (Animateur) – Design Advisor at MKAI
  • Jaisal Surana (Co-Moderator) – MKAI XR & AI Safety Lead
  • Gerry Copitch (Host) – MKAI Development Director
  • Richard Foster-Fletcher (Host and Co-Moderator) – Executive Chair, MKAI