MKAI Inclusive Forum September 2023: Generative 2028: Envisioning AI’s Leap in the Next 5 Years

Missed our live event? Don’t worry! We invite you to catch up and watch the video replay of this month’s MKAI Inclusive Forum on Generative 2028: Envisioning AI’s Leap in the Next 5 Years.

Join us on a captivating journey into the future, where generative AI takes a monumental leap forward and together, let’s explore the transformative landscape of 2028.

Guided by insightful panelists, we navigated the expected advancements, unforeseen challenges, and the ethical frameworks that governed this AI-driven world. Together, we charted a course where generative AI evolved not just for its own sake but with humanity’s best interests at its very core.

In this visionary context of AI’s evolution, we delved deep into the projections and possibilities of the next phase of Gen AI. Our discussions encompassed:

  1. Predicting AI’s Progression: We peered into the future to foresee the advancements in algorithms, capabilities, and applications of generative AI.

  2. Anticipating Societal Implications: We explored how the advancements in generative AI would reshape industries, job markets, and our daily lives, examining the profound societal impacts.

  3. Evolution of Human-AI Collaboration: As AI evolved, so did our roles. We discussed how our involvement might change and how we can remain relevant in the design, oversight, and deployment processes.

  4. AI’s Equitable Growth: We discussed strategies for ensuring that the benefits and opportunities of advanced generative AI would be accessible to all, regardless of background or expertise.

Our esteemed forum speakers and contributors included:

  • Amitkumar Shrivastava, Head of AI at Fujitsu India, Fujitsu Fellow & Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer
  • David Wood, Chair of London Futurists
  • John Havens, Regenerative Sustainability Practice Lead, IEEE Standards Association
  • Cindy Coon, Experiential Futurist

Don’t miss this opportunity to journey into the past and be part of an extraordinary exploration into the future of AI as it unfolded. Watch the video replay and immerse yourself in a world where generative AI evolved hand in hand with the well-being of humanity.