MKAI Inclusive Forum October 2022: How We Can Initiate a Global Epiphany, For a Fairer Future

MKAI October 2022 Inclusive Forum

This month at the MKAI Inclusive Forum on Today’s Billionaire – How we can initiate a global epiphany for a fairer future

We live in a time when the child of a working single parent can become a billionaire, and the fact this is possible shows the success of our free markets and the empowerment of each individual. 

The disadvantage of this notion is the widespread belief that everyone is self-made. This myth, perhaps, has become hard-wired into our psyche, preventing us from acknowledging that we are a product of our culture, of luck, and that we are born into an era of extreme wealth, prosperity, and opportunity. The concept of individual merit, effort, and talent is pervasive in contemporary communities. 

Whilst laudable, it is questionable whether such traits should permit an individual to gain and hold on to vast wealth. In some cases, more money than they could ever spend. 

Forum Speakers and Contributors:

  • Dr Carsten Sorensen, Reader (Associate Professor) in Digital Innovation at The London School of Economics and Political Science 
  • Virginie Guignard Legros, Head of the Matrix Regeneration Group Laboratory
  • Jon Thor Sigurleifsson, Corporate Punk & Creative Nerd, Co-Founder of Elevate
  • Dr. Chakradhar Iyyunni, Fellow, European School of Governance
  • Bettina Von Stamm, Innovation Philosopher, Story Teller, Regeneration Proponent
  • Indy Rishi Singh, Solutionary Entrepreneur, Political Hope ~DemocraSEE ~ Cosmic Labyrinth