MKAI Inclusive Forum May 2023: AI at the Helm: The Future of Sustainable Decision-Making in the Boardroom

Full Event, MKAI Inclusive Forum May 2023

In a world grappling with the pressing climate emergency, it has become evident that we need innovative and bold solutions to protect our planet. Unfortunately, traditional corporate decision-making has often prioritized short-term profits at the expense of long-term sustainability, perpetuating practices that harm our environment.

Recognizing the need for change, MKAI.Org’s most recent MKAI Inclusive Forum on AI at the Helm: The Future of Decision-Making explored a groundbreaking idea: incorporating AI directly into decision-making processes to promote sustainability and safeguard the Earth. The forum brought together experts from various fields to delve into the potential of AI to revolutionize corporate decision-making in the fight against the climate emergency. By exploring the concept of AI having decision-making power, the forum aimed to compel businesses to prioritize sustainable practices and protect the planet for future generations.

One of the focal points of the discussions was the impact of AI’s voting power and decision-making abilities. By employing AI, businesses could block harmful decisions and promote sustainable practices in their operations. The forum’s speakers shared their valuable insights and experiences in utilizing AI to make informed decisions that benefit the planet.

Watch the video replay above, and the Participant Perspectives below and be a part of this ongoing conversation with MKAI.Org!

Forum Contributors:

  • Thierry Watrin, Green Economy Advisor at Ministry of Financing and Economic Planning, Rwanda
  • Hanne Nuutinen, Executive Director at K-Pentag LLC
  • Vincent McNeeley, Senior Technical Program Manager at VMWare
  • Jax Harrison, Founder and Director at Innovation4Good
  • Paul Levy (Animateur), Design Advisor at MKAI.Org
  • Jaisal Surana (Co-Moderator) – MKAI XR & AI Safety Lead
  • Gerry Copitch (Host) – MKAI Development Director
  • Richard Foster-Fletcher (Host and Co-Moderator) – Executive Chair, MKAI