MKAI Inclusive Forum March 2023: Using Digital Innovation to Balance Sustainability and Profits

This month at the MKAI Inclusive Forum on Using Digital Innovation to Balance Sustainability and Profits

The MKAI March Inclusive Forum was an open and honest online panel discussion where we challenged conventional wisdom and examined the tough questions on the road to a greener future. The forum examined whether corporations could truly have their cake and eat it too – balancing profits and sustainability. We also explored whether current sustainability efforts by companies were mere greenwashing or real systemic change.

Our expert panel also delved into whether corporations could drive real change and lead the charge towards a sustainable future or if they were part of the problem. We asked if environmental sustainability was not good for business or if companies were prevented from realizing its long-term benefits due to their short-term mindset.

During the forum, we examined key topics in detail, including open data, changes to consumer behavior, e-waste & the transition to the circular economy, along with capacity building and new business models.

The forum aimed to bring together industry leaders and experts to share their experiences and insights on sustainable business transformation. It provided a platform for attendees to engage in open and honest discussions on the challenges and opportunities of sustainable business practices.

We challenged conventional wisdom and examined the tough questions related to balancing profitability and sustainability. The forum provided attendees with a better understanding of the current state of sustainable business practices and their impact on the planet. It identified and explored innovative approaches to sustainable business transformation.

We encouraged attendees to take bold action towards sustainability in their own businesses and contribute to the overall goal of creating a greener future. It fostered networking and collaboration opportunities among attendees from various industries and backgrounds.

Contributors & Speakers :

  • Jaisal Surana (Co-Moderator) – MKAI XR & AI Safety Lead
  • Dr Noelia Jimenez Martinez – Global Sustainability Specialist – Microsoft
  • Franziska-Juliette Klebôn – Data & AI Lead Microsoft Switzerland
  • Sofie Terp Clausen  Digitalisation Coordinator at the One Planet Network, UN Environment Programme
  • Kees Baldé – Senior Scientific Specialist at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
  • Lorenzo Massa – Professor at Aalborg University Business School
  • Gerry Copitch (Host) – MKAI Development Director
  • Richard Foster-Fletcher (Host and Co-Moderator) – Executive Chair, MKAI