MKAI Inclusive Forum April 2023: Strategies for Creating Human Value in the Age of Generative AI

This month’s MKAI Inclusive Forum explored innovative strategies for creating human value in the age of generative AI. The expert panelists delved into the opportunities and risks associated with AI technologies, as well as ethical considerations surrounding the intertwining of human potential with AI.

One of the highlights of the forum was the discussion on the importance of inclusive AI design, which involves designing AI systems that do not perpetuate harmful biases and promote diversity and inclusivity. Another notable point made was the need for collaboration between AI developers, policymakers, and the broader public to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

If you missed the forum, don’t worry – here is the replay. 

MKAI would like to thank our Speakers and Contributors:

  • Adeleh Mojtahed – Digital Growth Strategist
  • Engin Erzengin – Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft 
  • Dr. Reema Diab – CEO – Founder Galaxy Organisation for Technology, AI Expert, Tesla Senior Consultant, INGO’s and World Bank
  • Johanna Afrodita Zuleta – Crosspollinator and Founder of La Zuleta
  • Pinaki Laskar – AI Researcher and Inventor