MKAI Inclusive AI Forum July 2021: Could Artificial Intelligence be different to other technology waves?

Speaker 1: Johan Steyn

Title: Chair, Special Interest Group – Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and PwC

Johan Steyn is an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast and speaks globally at conferences on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Emerging Technologies. 2019 award winner Best AI & Robotics Management Consultant by Wealth & Finance magazine. 

He is a published author who regularly contributes articles on thought-leadership to well-known publications such as Business Day, the Sunday Times, and ITWeb.

He is the Chair of the Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with the IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals of South Africa).

He works for PwC South Africa as Lead Architect: Automation.

Speaker 2: Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA

Title: AI Specialist at Creative Resolution

“There is no neutral technology without a clear intention to do good and serve the common good” –  Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA

Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA is an attorney at law, accredited mediator acting also as an international consultant and expert for international organizations and actors focusing on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and ESG strategies.  She founded CREATIVE RESOLUTION as a niche firm in 2012 to provide strategy, law and policy consultations, as well as representation.

​She conducted research (2018) on Artificial Intelligence and frontier technologies covering the international AI ecosystem, its ethical and human rights challenges in line with a human-centered management of the innovation cycle.  Her case study was about how Artificial Intelligence and frontier technologies can improve the speed, impact and efficiency of the United Nations. For the last 4 years, she has been advocating for an open, diverse and multicultural AI with strong international ethical and international law benchmarks promoting human rights, fundamental freedoms, sustainability and profitability.

She holds an executive master in management of international organizations (SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy) and two masters in international and EU law (University Paris Ouest Nanterre, France) completed by conflict and peace studies.

She is based in Brussels and Paris. She works globally.

Speaker 3: Haroldo Sato

Title: Keynote Speaker, VR AR Association

Haroldo Sato is a Keynote Speaker at VR/AR Global Summit 2020: How Digitalization, Environmental Sustainability, and Inequality reduction can be improved by Immersive Technologies.

He is also a member of the VR for Good Global Committee and Advisory Member at ConsulPaz CGP Associates, as well as at Millebot, Inc. 

Panellist: Kathleen Walch

Title: Managing Partner & Principal Analyst at Cognilytica

Kathleen Walch is a serial entrepreneur, savvy marketer, AI and Machine Learning expert, and tech industry connector. She is a principal analyst, managing partner, and founder of Cognilytica, an AI focused research, advisory, and education firm. She is also co-host of the popular AI Today podcast and regularly interviews thought leaders in the AI and ML space. She is also a contributing writer to both Forbes and TechTarget where she writes about AI, ML, big data, and data science.

Panel Discussion with:

– Kathleen Walch
– Johan Steyn
– Haroldo Sato

Moderated by: Jaisal Surana
Hosted by: Richard Foster-Fletcher



Chat Transcript: 

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16:59:36               From  Paul Levy : recommended: Damski Rosé

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17:03:53               From  Paul Levy : My dad was London Taxi Driver for over 30 years. He loved his job. He was so committed to it that, when he picked us up from school, he always took us the longest way home.

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17:06:42               From  Murali Sathya : Hi All

17:07:05               From  Murali Sathya : This is Murali Sathya joining from Bangalore, India

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17:07:15               From  Paritosh Gupta : Hi folks. I am Abhishek from Bangalore. I run a Startup called CopyCat based out of Philadelphia. Copycat helps you generate production ready code directly from Sigma designs with a click of a button. Connect with me here:

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17:08:03               From  esklavounou : I am Elsa Sklavounou

17:08:07               From  Dino Bose : Hello All from Prague

17:08:39               From  George Tilesch : Hi all from Silicon Valley!

17:08:46               From  Paul Levy : Delighted to continue the technosophic conversations…

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17:08:59               From  Chetan Shah : Hello All! Chetan Shah here. From Pune, India. Work in many major emerging technologies. A technology buff so to say….primarily AI

17:09:08               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : hellos Johan 🙂

17:09:10               From  Arnab Rajkhowa : Hi,

17:09:29               From  Sean Culey : Good luck Johan!

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17:09:47               From  Francois Seegers : You go Johan, makes us proud 😉

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17:10:30               From  Arnab Rajkhowa : This is Arnab. A newbie in AI, first time here. Looking forward to connect..

17:10:38               From  David Wood : The subject matter of AI is changing so fast, that we all need to be able to learn from what each other have seen and discovered. Collaboration is the key to thriving in our present turbulent time!

17:11:39               From  Vibhav Mithal : What we will leave behind for the future generations. What a fantastic way to start the talk – Johan about how AI is different. If it is.

17:11:47               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : better future

17:11:50               From  Paul Levy : interesting David; I experience AI as being a disappointingly slowly chsnging field, largely recycling ideas imagined decades ago

17:11:51               From  Enzo Ferrari : Hi everyone!

17:11:53               From  Enzo Ferrari :

17:11:57               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : if ai adopts mindfulness

17:12:06               From  jayanta : Hi Everyone, Jayanta here. Telco commercial marketer , Excited about the ongoing and upcoming AI in telco . Would love to connect and learn together.

17:12:08               From  jayanta :

17:12:09               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Can someone stop taking the recording please 🙂

17:12:19               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : I will record and share shortly

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17:13:16               From  Oudarjya Sen Sarma : Hi everyone! I’m Oudarjya from India

would be glad to continue the conversation here :-

17:13:30               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : there is no flower without the mud

17:13:39               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : yet too there is no mud without the flower

17:14:19               From  Chinmoy Baruah : Hello


I am Chinmoy Baruah. I am a Graduate STEM researcher in the field of Chemistry.

17:14:21               From  Henry Kafeman   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : I seem to have the recording tools which I have not seen before, but I do not think I have clicked on anything! It says “Recording” at the top still.

17:14:44               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to   Henry Kafeman(Direct Message) : Yes, someone with the co-host keeps taking it off me 🙂

17:14:53               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to   Henry Kafeman(Direct Message) : I made you a co-host this time

17:14:56               From  Chinmoy Baruah : This is my Linkedin in Id –

17:15:08               From  Johan Steyn : Transition Point: From Steam to the Singularity (Sean Culey)

17:17:52               From  David Wood : Thanks for the pointer to Sean’s book. It looks really interesting! I’ve added it to the set of books I hope to listen to on Audible over the next few weeks

17:19:40               From : I think the implant use for Medical applications is OK, not for human augmentation.

17:19:40               From  delphine_nyaboke : Hello, it would be lovely to connect:

17:20:15               From  Vibhav Mithal : “We all can make a difference” – Johan Steyn. Truly reflects what a multi disciplinary perspective to AI must be. Each view is important!

17:20:44               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : i’d go further, everyone has the capcity to be the change

17:21:12               From  Sean Culey : It would be a privilege to have you read it David – you have been an influence on both my research and writing.

17:21:53               From  Vibhav Mithal : I agree @Hanno! You are right. Becomes even more important – in the context of AI.

17:21:59               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : lol yes we currently in load shedding while Johan speaks

17:23:01               From  Markus Krebsz : Very wise words and I also fear that everday tech (requirements) will increase the social divide globally

17:23:46               From  Markus Krebsz : “Begin with the End in Mind” – what end state do we all collectively want to have for us and our children?

17:24:15               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Connect with your fellow community here

17:24:42               From  Paul Levy : As some of you know, I do not believe these technologies are (,yet) AI. AI in the possible dystopian world lies further ahead. in the near future we are referring to complex tech used for  negative purposes.

17:24:56               From  Anu Toor : Completely agree with Johan’s compassionate point of view of making an impact on community.

17:25:05               From  Theo Mathema : Great talk. thanks so much.

17:25:17               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Great talk Johan

17:25:31               From  Paul Levy : Thanks, Johan.

17:25:31               From  Aleksandra Hadzic : Outstanding talk, Johan! Thank you

17:25:43               From  Markus Krebsz : Thank you, Johan, very good talk

17:25:48               From  delphine_nyaboke : wow. the part of the letter from our children teared me up

17:25:52               From  Markus Krebsz : Agree with @Paul’s view re “Ai”

17:25:59               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : We can field 2 questions for Johan

17:26:11               From  Chinmoy Baruah : Nice talk, Johan

17:26:12               From  delphine_nyaboke : such an incredible talk Johan

17:26:12               From  Odilia Coi : Excellent talk Johan, many thanks!

17:26:15               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : What questions come to mind?

17:26:19               From  KaT . : Dear @Johan Steyn thank you so much for your wise words !!

17:26:28               From  Anu Toor : Thank you Johan for an inspiring talk.

17:26:31               From  Markus Krebsz : Q) What do we need to do right now?

17:26:38               From  Adina Tarry : How is AI different from othehr techs

17:26:58               From  Markus Krebsz : A) Leave

17:27:00               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Who really holds the power here? That is the big question! Who can make the decisions?

17:27:01               From  Murali Sathya : Excellent talk Johan

17:27:01               From  Markus Krebsz : 😉

17:27:13               From  David Wood : Q: How precisely do you think the timescales described by Kondratieff can be anticipated in advance for new waves of tech disruption?

17:27:21               From  Paul Levy : Run away!!!!!!

17:27:22               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : Can we teach AI in loving kindness?

17:27:33               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Mars looks nice …

17:28:03               From  Johan Steyn : Sorry my internet dropped but I am back

17:28:20               From  Ana Montes : We can’t separate the light and shadow of our human condition, how can we make sure we are considering both as we develop technology?

17:29:06               From  Gerry Copitch : Running slowly

17:29:16               From  Markus Krebsz : very

17:29:17               From  Frank Rohde : glitching

17:29:17               From  delphine_nyaboke : my video is lagging, is it just me?

17:29:31               From  Markus Krebsz : no here too

17:29:31               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Hey Richard you need to check the box to optimize the video for transmission.

17:29:32               From  Gerry Copitch   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Video running slowly

17:29:33               From  Chetan Shah : even mine…better now

17:29:38               From  Sean Culey : No – lagging for everyone I think.

17:29:38               From  Virginie Martins de Nobrega : Me as well.

17:29:43               From  jayanta : Both vid and voice

17:29:45               From  Haroldo Sato : Lagging

17:29:52               From  Pinal Patel : same here!!

17:29:53               From  Divya Dwivedi : Video is lagging for me too

17:29:58               From  Gerry Copitch   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Better now

17:30:00               From  KaT . : I will be happy to stay connected:

17:30:27               From  Gerry Copitch   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Buffering

17:31:06               From  Paul Levy : that was a very impressive lag!

17:31:23               From  Ana Montes : Thanks for your well thought out comments.

17:31:23               From  KaT . :

17:31:41               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Zoom is trying to make up for it now

17:31:54               From  Markus Krebsz : yes, this is slightly odd

17:32:25               From  Markus Krebsz : Shows Richard isn’t “live”, he’s in a parallel Zoomniverse

17:33:03               From  Gerry Copitch   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Lip sync was off whilst you were speaking just now

17:33:06               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Great presentations so far! would love to connect guys! Do stay safe

17:33:09               From  Chetan Shah : coming thru

17:33:16               From  Chetan Shah : can see

17:33:20               From  Vibhav Mithal : Can be seen

17:34:08               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : I think there is little doubt that AI can go bad, and that it can go worse than previous tech revolutions. The interesting point is whether this can be steered away from the disasters associated with all the other waves – because every wave has gone bad in its own way!

17:34:08               From  jayanta : no

17:34:09               From  Chetan Shah : stopped

17:34:12               From  Enzo Ferrari : no

17:35:54               From  Francois Seegers : AI Security, socially and emotional security comes to mind specific to protection

17:36:38               From  Liam McDermott : The ideologies are created by people who don’t code…it is just a technology.

17:36:51               From  Kishen Seyjagat : I agree with Liam

17:37:35               From  Paul Levy : AI will soon have little or nothing to do with code.

17:37:39               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : can u build a house without shifting a stone? yes if u r the architect

17:38:06               From  Vibhav Mithal : Connect with everyone that is here – through this post –

17:38:08               From  Paul Levy : Or if you have a 3D printer!

17:38:17               From  Liam McDermott : Paul Levy You know something I don’t know?

17:38:19               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : why does no one ever mention Konrad Zuse?

17:38:52               From  Vibhav Mithal : It could be a technology but the people training that technology are human. So can it become an ideology?

17:39:19               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : but cab it become human?

17:39:25               From  Liam McDermott : Ideologies are being injected into AI through code

17:39:28               From  Paul Levy : Liam, the roots lie in music and biology

17:39:29               From  Odilia Coi : Love this historical perspective,  brilliant Virginie!

17:39:36               From  Vibhav Mithal : Great great question @Hanno!

17:39:48               From  Kishen Seyjagat : To become human it would have to learn upon itself without requiring prior data

17:39:52               From  Alexandra : Why will there soon be no code?

17:40:13               From  Liam McDermott : Paul Levy You a coder?

17:40:21               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Sorry for the lag folks – the video is available to watch here

17:40:23               From  Tathagat Varma : The biggest question soon won’t be what does it mean to be AI…but what does it even mean to be a human?

17:40:32               From  Paul Levy : @alexandra – AI will be brought into being via biology

17:40:53               From  Vibhav Mithal : What an excellent talk ! Historical perspective to help us understand where we are today

17:40:59               From  Alexandra : via genetics?

17:41:01               From  Kishen Seyjagat : @Varma agree

17:41:02               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : being human is the light inbetween the atoms

17:41:05               From  Odilia Coi : Thank you @Richard!

17:41:21               From  Vibhav Mithal : Good point @Tathagat – To know AI, would also imply understanding what is it being human

17:41:30               From : I think that this is an issue that may not arise due the ethical implications

17:41:45               From  Paul Levy : Genetics may come into play … yikes …. eek.

17:42:03               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : AI ideology goes back a lot further than 1950 – to Mary Shelley and HG Wells and others, the Mechanical Turk, and even supernatural ideas such as golems – these all discussed artificial autonomous entities.

17:42:05               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : Genau

17:42:16               From  Francois Seegers : nano replacing AI

17:42:26               From  Paul Levy : Code is ultimately a beautiful dead end for AI

17:42:28               From  Chetan Shah : AI is getting smarter by the second…faster than anything before now…

17:42:35               From  Kishen Seyjagat : @Alex that is true!

17:42:41               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : faster thsn light?

17:42:57               From  Paul Levy : A bit like beer being a route to ultimate happiness

17:43:04               From  Vibhav Mithal : This is one of the best explanations of AI Challenges I have read. So succinct and so diverse. What a fantastic talk!

17:43:13               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : its the bubbles

17:43:38               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : its not the form often that defines what one desires

17:43:47               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : how do u define a room?

17:44:04               From  Paul Levy : Powerful points, Virginie.

17:44:07               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : by the walls? by the limitations?

17:44:45               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : emotions are temporary

17:44:49               From  Paul Levy : I define a room by the stories it becomes a part of

17:44:50               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : they are not whatr makes us

17:44:54               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : they are limitations

17:45:18               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Does the scanning  of emotions determine your dexterity?

17:45:21               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : @paul good point, like a mac inside ?

17:45:44               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : its so quick that an emotion passes

17:45:55               From  Markus Krebsz : Isn’t the output of the emotional analysis somewhat biased already by how granular (or not) the wheel is defined?

17:45:57               From  Paul Levy : emotions are “nouns”, feeling is a process; a process is a moving element in an evolving context

17:45:58               From  Liam McDermott : All the AI “ideologies” are actually data privacy/protection issues. The AI itself just reflects statistical realities of the data.

17:46:06               From  jayanta : Any new thing, be it solution/ technology / anything will come with initial doubts, hiccups – but those shouldn’t be  bottlenecks, rather we should try to find a solution. Any machine won’t do anything unless it’s told to do so.  I do believe everyone can learn – show me 1 person who used feature phone back in 2005, can not use today’s smartphone.

17:46:26               From  Markus Krebsz : Emotion = E(nergy) in motion

17:46:49               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : emotions are temporary , energy isnt

17:46:50               From  Kishen Seyjagat : @Jayanta true. But how do we teach people where access to technology is limited?

17:46:51               From  Vibhav Mithal : Brilliant brilliant – follow the purple colour – and you may get the answer to technology v ideology.

17:46:52               From  Alexandra : So artificial may become natural..

17:47:08               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : maybe it is natural?

17:47:26               From  Markus Krebsz : Energy (states) are also temporary and depend on the observer (i.e. linear vs. wave states)

17:47:37               From  Matthew Bailey : Hello everyone

17:47:40               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : good point

17:48:07               From  David Wood : On history: Benefits of AI (automation) were discussed by the philosopher Aristotle

17:48:08               From  Paul Levy : Artificial refers to the level of removedness and processing from an original state

17:48:15               From  Markus Krebsz : And so we move into quantum mechanics 😉

17:48:25               From  Oyewole Simon Oginni : If we talk about children, what about the old? The AI robotics as an emotional machine in place of compassion and lovingkindness that the old/aged population needs? How can the AI development/evolution be responsive to social justice?

17:48:50               From  Markus Krebsz : @Paul “Original” state = natural state or is this something different?

17:48:50               From  Dino Bose : and how is AI connected to Quantum computing? is it?  a lot of this is very new to me

17:48:52               From  Matthew Bailey : Big fan of Aristotle. His wisdom assists us in inventing ethical AI centric futures that honour our cultures and humanity etc…

17:48:53               From  Vibhav Mithal : Coming out well the video.

17:48:56               From  Chetan Shah : yes

17:49:02               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Yep video is playing well

17:49:30               From  Vibhav Mithal : Its like we are in a movie theatre!

17:49:48               From  jayanta : @Oyewole, AI can help caregivers . Actually in customer care segment, it’s being worked on

17:49:48               From  Paul Levy : An original state is both temporal and snapshot – both work in a “natural earth” context

17:49:51               From  Jaisal Surana : agree Vibhav indeed

17:50:08               From  Henry Kafeman : Powerful video!

17:50:17               From  Gerry Copitch : Have I died? 🙂

17:50:23               From  Sachin Bhoi : wow, the whole human kind reflected in front of me

17:50:30               From  Vibhav Mithal : AMAZING!!

17:50:35               From  Liam McDermott : CNN acid flashback!

17:50:42               From  Chetan Shah : transcending all time we kow

17:50:42               From  David Wood : @Dino – Quantum computing might significantly speed up some existing AI algorithms. It may also enable new sorts of AI algorithms that aren’t currently viable at all, using today’s classical computers

17:50:55               From  Markus Krebsz : Been watching “Person of Interest” as of late – well worth watching

17:50:56               From  KaT . : Wow

17:50:58               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : wowowowowow

17:50:59               From  Dino Bose : Thanks @davidwood

17:51:10               From  Aleksandra Hadzic : Out of this world experience!!

17:51:12               From  Martin Valdivia : Thanks for sharing!

17:51:19               From  jayanta : wow. amazing vid.

17:51:22               From  Theo Mathema : Thanks for sharing

17:51:24               From  KaT . : Thank you for sharing Virginie !! Mille merci

17:51:28               From  Matthew Bailey : She gets it…

17:51:32               From  Markus Krebsz : CONTEXTUAL SETTING + COLLECTIVE HISTORY

17:51:33               From  Anu Toor : What a compilation!!

17:51:35               From  Markus Krebsz : Yes

17:51:47               From  Odilia Coi : impressive video!

17:51:50               From  Henry Kafeman : Can you share a link to that video?

17:52:28               From  KaT . : I would be grateful for the link to this video as well

17:52:41               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher :

17:52:47               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Here you go

17:52:56               From  Paul Levy : in social science research many shown these images express “disappointment” with how lacking in imagination the dystopian view is – clichéd, repetitive and sadly a bit lo-fi male

17:53:00               From  KaT . : Thank you Richard

17:53:01               From  Johan Steyn : Amazing talk and video, well done!

17:53:34               From  Aleksandra Hadzic : Wonderful talk Virginie, thanks Richard for the link

17:53:39               From  Martin Valdivia : Thank you, I hope to see you again soon.

17:54:00               From  Markus Krebsz : Thank you, Virginie for an inspiring talk!

17:54:05               From  Matthew Bailey : Ethical AI Certification and Maturity Model to be announced this week

17:54:07               From  Vibhav Mithal : Outstanding talk!

17:54:29               From  Markus Krebsz : @Matthew by whom / which org?

17:54:41               From  Paul Levy : Happy to continue conversations

17:54:44               From  Ana Montes : Thank you for a great talk.

17:55:36               From  Markus Krebsz : That last part I am currently working on, more to come via MKAI WhatsApp group 😉

17:55:55               From  Markus Krebsz : (with the UN)

17:56:00               From  Karen Beraldo : Looking forward!!!

17:56:08               From  Hanno Eigenbrod   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Would an AI be non binary?

17:56:13               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : I agree with these goals, but they have never been followed in any other tech wave. Why and how will they be followed now?

17:57:29               From  Paul Levy : It can’t catch up with us because we are complexly mediocre. Very hard to emulate

17:57:51               From  Markus Krebsz : Agree with that sentiment, Paul

17:58:05               From  Anu Toor : Thank you Virginie for such an informative presentation.

17:58:18               From  Vibhav Mithal : Thank you so much for a wonderful talk!

17:58:22               From  delphine_nyaboke : Thank you for a great talk Virginie.!

17:58:23               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Please join me in thanking Virginie for a wonderful talk 🙂

17:58:25               From  KaT . : Fantastic talk Virginie !!! Thank you so much !!

17:58:29               From  Harold Huggins : THanks

17:58:47               From  Paul Levy : Thanks Virginie – timely talk

17:58:59               From  jayanta : Thanks Virgie, loads of information and very thought provoking

17:59:07               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Great talk!!

17:59:20               From  Frank Rohde : thank you Virginie

17:59:21               From  Odilia Coi : Awesome talk, many thanks Virginie!

17:59:29               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : well done my friend!!

17:59:43               From  Oudarjya Sen Sarma : Thank you virginie

17:59:44               From  Dino Bose : Thanks Virginie!

17:59:49               From  Murali Sathya : Amazing Talks Virginie

17:59:56               From  Hanno Eigenbrod   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Great talk!

18:00:04               From  Alexandra : Wonderful thank you Virginie!

18:00:12               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : Thank you Virginie

18:00:17               From  Elijah Kalii, Nairobi : Thank you for the energy Virginie

18:00:18               From  Sean Culey : Thank you for an inspiring talk Virginie.

18:00:24               From  Matthew Bailey : Very good….nicely done….fabulous vision….

18:00:44               From  Virginie Martins de Nobrega : Thank you all !

18:01:09               From  Jaisal Surana : Thanks Virginie for your talk very insightful

18:01:28               From  Vibhav Mithal : The video is playing well now!

18:01:47               From  Chetan Shah : Thank you Virginie for the powerful talk.

18:01:51               From  Paul Levy : We often vision AI as on a developmental timeline that began with the electronic calculator. but there is another, perhaps more unbearable to consider timeline that begins with the Prometheus, the Golem, the cloning of sheep and illegal biology

18:02:06               From  Enzo Ferrari : Thank you so much Virginie! it was fascinating!

18:02:32               From  Gerry Copitch : Wonderful Virginie! Thanks!

18:04:02               From  Markus Krebsz : Gerry rocks!!!

18:04:12               From  Jaisal Surana : +1 @Markus

18:04:16               From  Timi Olagunju : Thanks Virginie!

18:04:21               From  Vibhav Mithal : Gerry is here on chat. He is here on video. He is on the screen!

18:04:35               From  Paul Levy : Gerry is wise

18:04:43               From  Vibhav Mithal : +1 Paul

18:04:48               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Defragmentation on steriods!

18:05:11               From  Ana Montes : When man went to the moon the computer data was validated by checked by humans, now we have computers validate humans. What is lost in the process? Are we as humans by doing that limiting the evolutionary transformations of our own brains?

18:05:46               From  Liam McDermott : AI has more buzzwords associated with it than prior technologies. The simple truth is that it is just juiced up statistical models. “Machine Learning” refers to the algorithm adjusting itself to reflect additional data collection. The term “neural network” is derived from a conceptual similarity to brain cells, but only in the sense of a two dimensional sketch on a whiteboard. It really isn’t that exciting 🙂

18:05:50               From  Errol Finkelstein : Awesome Gerry – terrific stuff

18:06:59               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Gerry’s vision reminds me of the film Idiocracy – as machines advance, humans regress!

18:08:31               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : All the MKAI Links

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18:11:26               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Um that’s not what adaptation is …

18:11:31               From  Jeff Ester : Thank you Virginie. Maybe we can strive for Balance between natural Universe, Humanity, and technology…

18:11:43               From  Virginie Martins de Nobrega : Yes !

18:12:01               From  Virginie Martins de Nobrega : I know Branca.

18:12:24               From  Paul Levy : the music in this video is a bit scary

18:12:35               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : Vote for movie night one a month @richard

18:12:46               From  jayanta : Kind of agree Paul,

18:12:47               From  Markus Krebsz : Yes pls, movie night

18:12:49               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : @paul Want me to hold your hand ?

18:12:50               From  Gerry Copitch : @Alex ….. can see no reason why that should be the case. ‘Machines’ will save and advance humanity.

18:13:23               From  Adina Tarry : yes 2 movie night |||

18:13:24               From  Vibhav Mithal : Agree @Lavina. It feels like a movie night. Amazing videos!

18:13:35               From  Dino Bose : we’re all gonna have to binge the Matrix movies after this

18:13:45               From  Dino Bose : and then throw in some 2001 and Terminator movies

18:13:45               From  Markus Krebsz : Love the park, Haroldo, where is it?

18:13:52               From  delphine_nyaboke : this is wonderful .!

18:13:59               From  Anu Toor : Impressive!!

18:14:04               From  Paul Levy : we could turn off ALL of this technology tomorrow and have a big cake sale – just sayin’.

18:14:12               From  Oudarjya Sen Sarma : That was really impressive

18:14:16               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Same question again – who will make the right decisions? It’s never happened yet!

18:14:16               From  Chetan Shah : fab video

18:14:17               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : I love cake

18:14:22               From  David Wood : Suggestions for films to watch? I have a soft spot for “Robot and Frank”

18:14:26               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Love the video! Thanks Haroldo!

18:14:26               From  Aleksandra Hadzic : Outstanding

18:14:29               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : Thank you for the video beautiful

18:14:34               From  Vibhav Mithal : What a fantastic video!

18:15:06               From  Jaisal Surana : today all the videos are so good I must say

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18:15:28               From  Errol Finkelstein : AI will become more pervasive than the Wheel and more than the useful deployment of Electricity. These are transformative processes but AI will potentially be a very long continuous journey of innovation, with self-propelling new waves and new heights emerging from within itself. This multi-dimensional, self perpetuating characterstic, as well as the scope for radically improved outcomes (the answers to which almost always lie in the data) put AI into a league on its own compared to all prior Revolutions.

18:15:35               From  Gerry Copitch : @Jaisal ….. Wish I had some popcorn 🙂

18:15:39               From  David Wood : @Paul – If we turn off all our technology, we wouldn’t have any more of these MKAI events over Zoom, and in any case most of us would probably have died by our age from one or more infectious disease

18:15:58               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : Actually. Had cake at Bletchley park once

18:16:26               From  Paul Levy : well @David, what a cake sale to end all cake sales it could be!

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18:16:46               From  Paul Levy : important question @Alex

18:16:47               From  jayanta : @David, agree with you. technology always have pros and cons. think about internet,

18:16:55               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : @gerry I’m not saying Idiocracy is inevitable – but I see no strong push in a different direction yet

18:17:02               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : hahaha haha

18:17:47               From  Paul Levy : I once knew a futurist who cancelled his keynote speech because he knew no one would show up.

18:17:59               From  Dino Bose : 🙂

18:18:02               From  Alexandra : haha

18:18:14               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : No one, is everyone

18:18:17               From  Gerry Copitch : @Paul….turned off all the tech. but can’t now bake a cake

18:18:45               From  Liam McDermott : I’m really upset those UAPs broke the ‘laws of physics”

18:18:45               From  Dino Bose : Or that one time I walked into a psychic’s office and she said “I knew you were coming”

18:19:05               From  David Wood : @Alex Re “who will make the right decisions? It’s never happened yet!” – my answer is that we urgently need to improve our democratic processes, to enable decisions to be taken “by the people, for the people”

18:19:10               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : Lol

18:19:14               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : let get Markus to build a hot to bake cake

18:19:46               From  Vibhav Mithal : Come and join us and continue the conversation at MKAI at the Links. We have groups on

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18:20:10               From  Chetan Shah : have joined the telegram group

18:20:20               From  Chetan Shah : nice video

18:20:27               From  Harold Huggins : well done video

18:20:32               From : Bye everyone! Great event!

18:20:33               From  Vibhav Mithal : Liking the videos and the event – please follow this post –

18:20:34               From  David Wood : @Paul – As you know, good futurists make no claim to having a crystal ball. We try to talk in terms of credible scenarios, rather than definite foreseen outcomes 🙂

18:20:42               From  Gerry Copitch : @David ….. unconvinced that people are good at making decisions

18:20:55               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Look at Alexa apps, look at ML applications, look at robot deployments – the large take-up is to make life easier and more uniform, to make business faster but no more compassionate or intelligent, and to extend heavy industries which are damaging the environment. There are some small scale exceptions. How many robots are looking for oil under the sea, and how many are removing plastic from the oceans? A big number, and a small number.

18:20:58               From  Vibhav Mithal : Excellent video Haroldo!

18:21:01               From  Bruce Hoffman : That’s crazy.

18:21:05               From  Paul Levy : apologies @david, it was indeed a terrible joke

18:21:30               From   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Bye Richard! Great event!

18:21:42               From  David Wood : @Gerry – Yes, “the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with an average voter”. Nevertheless, done well, democracy is still the best governance system that we have

18:21:45               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to Message) : Bye

18:22:10               From  Gerry Copitch : @David …..agreed

18:22:17               From  Dino Bose : “5 min conversation with the average voter”

18:22:44               From  Markus Krebsz : I enjoy fleeing into my VR world, sometimes

18:22:46               From  Gerry Copitch : @DIno ….. I think I’ve met him 🙂

18:22:56               From  Markus Krebsz : Recommend Tripp on Oculus

18:23:01               From  Markus Krebsz : And Wander

18:23:13               From  Dino Bose : @Gerry   we’ve all met him

18:23:18               From  Paul Levy : I wonder if this definition of “metaverse” is a model.of convenience for AI. if it is a digital metaverse, thats fine, but it misunderstands perception utterly. it argues for immersive addiction and surrender. There are, of course, other, richer, beautifully ambiguous quirky and indeed quarky paths

18:23:20               From  Vibhav Mithal : If you want to  know more about MKAI – please free to connect –

We look forward to having you in the community.

18:23:43               From  KaT . : Haroldo, really impressive talk !! Thank you for sharing with us the meanders of VR .. That’s an amazing topic ! I started to read a book of “How Virtual Therapeutics Will Revolutionize Medicine “ by Brennan Spiegel .. we talk about the future which is here now

18:24:09               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Thank you Haroldo!

18:24:12               From  Markus Krebsz : Really enjoyed this, Haroldo and will reached out via DM – catchup from where we left off last

18:24:13               From  Gerry Copitch : Awesome Haroldo!

18:24:19               From  Adina Tarry : Thank you Haroldo!

18:24:33               From  delphine_nyaboke : thank you Haroldo.!

18:24:34               From  Anu Toor : Thank you Haroldo!!

18:24:43               From  Jaisal Surana : thanks Haroldo

18:24:53               From  Ana Montes : Thanks Haroldo

18:25:17               From  Murali Sathya : Thanks Haroldo

18:25:19               From  Pinal Patel : Hello smart people, let’s connect on a smart platform ;-)

18:25:43               From  Markus Krebsz : I feel I am missing out. Do I need a podcast? Something to discuss @Paul over our next Wonder session 😉

18:26:17               From  Vibhav Mithal : Thanks Haroldo! Brilliant, as always.

18:26:28               From  Paul Levy : I have an Oddcast @markus

18:26:39               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : thanks Harold! #appreciation

18:27:03               From  Markus Krebsz : @Kathleen, where would Ai using Neurotechnology (non-invasive brain stimulation) fit please?

18:27:38               From  Markus Krebsz : Oh, I definitely fit into the “odd”cast category

18:27:42               From  Haroldo Sato : Thanks everyone

18:27:49               From  Haroldo Sato :

18:28:37               From  David Wood : Are these seven patterns really separate from each other? I think there are lots of overlaps.

18:29:38               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : You can connect easily with your fellow community members by commenting on this post:

18:29:42               From  Paul Levy : Excellent model for different types of complex processing, Kathleen

18:29:44               From  Chetan Shah : nothing really is separate….everything should be connected..

18:31:44               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : I would love to see people making democratic choices for the greater good of society, but that has not been in evidence recently – Trump, Brexit, the rise of the far right in many countries, the laws against diversity in many countries, all democratically voted for. Business in general is not going to prefer ethics over profit. The military is not usually keen to downsize, or to say no to technological advantages. We need a powerful group which can say what should and should not be done with AI – has anyone seen one? The UN is doing a little bit, but business and military and political interests are the strongest voices even at the UN.

18:31:44               From  Jaisal Surana   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : From Markus Krebsz to Everyone:  05:26 PM

  1. Q) What do we need to do right now?

From Adina Tarry to Everyone:  05:26 PM

How is AI different from othehr techs

From Alex Monaghan Eckoh to Everyone:  05:27 PM

Who really holds the power here? That is the big question! Who can make the decisions?

From David Wood to Everyone:  05:27 PM

Q: How precisely do you think the timescales described by Kondratieff can be anticipated in advance for new waves of tech disruption?

From Hanno Eigenbrod to Everyone:  05:27 PM

Can we teach AI in loving kindness?

From Ana Montes to Everyone:  05:28 PM

We can’t separate the light and shadow of our human condition, how can we make sure we are considering both as we develop technology?

It could be a technology but the people training that technology are human. So can it become an ideology?

From Kishen Seyjagat to Everyone:  05:45 PM

Does the scanning  of emotions determine your dexterity?

From Oyewole Simon Oginni to Everyone:  05:48 PM

If we talk about children, what about the old? The

18:32:39               From  Hanno Eigenbrod : There are certain limitations to democracy, they haven’t always produced the wisest of outcomes

18:34:01               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : @ last speaker, please tell us how you know when data is sufficiently clean, unbiased, and complete. Not sure we will ever get there

18:34:47               From  Liam McDermott : No one holds power over AI…it is open source

18:35:22               From  Ana Montes : Democracy is messy, it stumbles and grows, and it is still the best option we have.

18:35:25               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Open source can’t stop bad applications

18:35:33               From  David Wood : @Alex, @Hanno – Agreed, there have been some very worrying developments. And some more encouraging ones too, in parts of Europe and Canada (and things are even getter better in the US).

Moreover, politics *has* done quite well in the past, although there are many people with vested interests in speaking badly of the power of the state.

What I actually advocate (in my book “Vital Foresight”) is something I describe as “superdemocracy” rather than today’s democracy

18:35:47               From  Frank Rohde : open source doesnt mean that everybody can apply it or has a use for it.

18:36:31               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Who would like to turn their mic and camera on to ask a question to the panel?

18:36:35               From  Chetan Shah : opensource is not really as open as we may think…they are driven by multiple organizations, not just one….

18:37:25               From  Jeff Ester : Editor choice…

18:37:37               From  David Wood : >”We need a powerful group which can say what should and should not be done with AI – has anyone seen one?”

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown actually makes a bunch of good suggestions in his own recent book, “Seven Ways to Save the World”.

He sees roles for transformed versions of some existing bodies such as G7 and G20

18:37:44               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Good recommendation Jeff

18:40:31               From  Vuppala Rohit Anjan : Hey hi Everyone


Thanks for this session



Its really appreciable session.


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18:41:08               From  Paul Levy : “So it goes” Kurt Vonnegut

18:42:43               From  Anu Toor : Thank you again to all the speakers for sharing their insights. Thanks to team MKAI

18:42:57               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Do you guys think with the advent of chat bots, ai representatives that the human to customer/patreon interaction will be significantly reduced in the future?

18:42:59               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Thanks Anu, great to see you

18:43:02               From  Kathleen Walch : If you want to read more about the Seven patterns of AI: Seven Patterns of AI article:


Seven Patterns of AI podcast:

18:43:24               From  David Wood : One of the most profound insights of Kondratieff in my opinion is the fact that technology waves each go through two phases – the early one being driven by technological innovation, and the second one being driven by innovation in social and political forms.

18:43:51               From  Paul Levy : great point @david

18:43:57               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : OK so now I’m thinking Golden Eye – Boris the coder, for whom it’s all just a game or a puzzle. The same people spreading ransom ware through health systems will soon be spreading AI bots

18:44:01               From  Ana Montes : AI ethical audits are more necessary then ever, how can we make it part of the certification of quality of a business?

18:44:04               From  Chetan Shah : Thank you guys…thank you Rickard….for a enriching session …look forward to many more….need to log off….have a good day, evening or night…take care…

18:44:12               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Thank you Chetan

18:44:24               From  Odilia Coi : Interoperability is crucial, well said Virginie!

18:44:35               From  Gerry Copitch : +1 @David

18:44:50               From  David Wood : This insight of Kondratieff (and its implications for the present time) is explained particularly well by Venezuelan-British economist Carlota Perez. It’s well worth tracking down some of her videos on this subject

18:45:29               From  Gerry Copitch : tHANKS

18:45:36               From  Gerry Copitch : Thanks

18:46:05               From   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Hi Richard, I hope you are well. Is there a way to increase the volume? I have tried my side but to no avail!

18:46:39               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : We need an HLM movement – Human Lives Matter – and any anti-human AI should be called out.

18:47:14               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to Message) : It’s playing pretty fine this side. Have you checked your sound settings, in case the system volume has been reduced?

18:47:25               From  Kishen Seyjagat : @Alex what are the standards that define when an AI is considered Anti-Human?

18:47:40               From  Liam McDermott : Terminato 2 lol

18:47:53               From  Kishen Seyjagat : Point taken @ Liam lol

18:48:04               From  Liam McDermott : Sorry for the misspelling lol

18:48:54               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : If it impacts jobs, society, equality, the environment, and of course actual lives, it could be considered anti-human

18:49:02               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Epic question!

18:49:46               From  Chinmoy Baruah : Good question!

18:50:13               From  Paul Levy : No! It is because it isnt AI! sheesh.

18:50:18               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : We will close the official session at the hour. Then we’ll have an after-party for those who want to stay and share some reflections.

18:50:44               From  Odilia Coi : Excellent points  Kathleen!

18:50:59               From  David Wood : Q: Do the panellists advocate legal requirements for each AI/ML system in a commercial contract to pass an audit of its ethics? If so, how will these regulations be agreed and monitored? Or should it simply be left to the market to indicate which AI/ML solutions it prefers?

18:51:32               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Interesting re adoption of AI. What are we selling here – vaccines which are good for most people, or Valium which is open to massive abuse, or tobacco which is addictive and deadly for millions?

18:51:44               From  esklavounou   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Will need to drop at the hour. Next time. Johan’s and Haroldo’s presentations really thought-provoking. Very glad I joined.

18:52:05               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to   esklavounou(Direct Message) : Thank you 🙂

18:52:11               From  Liam McDermott : AI…the new opiate of the masses?

18:52:22               From  Megan : Here’s a link to an article about Cognilytica’s CPMAI Education: CPMAI methodology

18:52:34               From  Paul Levy : Hugely insulting to pagans.

18:52:35               From  Kishen Seyjagat : AI +VR might be the opiate @Liam

18:52:43               From  David Wood : @Alex – The real challenge is that all three of these analogies are true, at the same time! The same AI/ML systems can be used in all three ways.

18:52:46               From  Vibhav Mithal : Fantastic panel discussion to demystify AI

18:52:53               From  Megan :

18:53:04               From  Gerry Copitch : Pagan Lives Matter

18:53:17               From  Markus Krebsz : @Paul, maybe we could add the Pagans also to our Wonder Virtual coffee list?

18:53:20               From  Dino Bose : 😀

18:53:23               From  David Wood : (And, just as the case for tobacco and valium, there are people who will argue strongly that, if the customer wants it, that’s a good thing…)

18:53:26               From  Paul Levy :

18:53:32               From  Dino Bose : Stonehenge… early AI

18:53:45               From  Paul Levy : looking forward to it, @Markus

18:53:47               From  Gerry Copitch : 🙂

18:53:49               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to   David Wood(Direct Message) : David, would you like to say a few words at the end of the forum?

18:53:50               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Pagans bake fantastic cakes!!

18:54:21               From  David Wood : Re “the pagan inside” – recall the words of Lord Acton: “Great men are nearly always bad men”

18:54:23               From  Paul Levy :

18:54:25               From  Markus Krebsz : Would a “sixth sense” be a natural version of (human) Augmented intelligence?

18:54:32               From  Vibhav Mithal : All the MKAI Links

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18:55:05               From  David Wood   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Can do! Should I ask a question, or just offer a quick comment?

18:55:10               From  Paul Levy : Many commentators see current AI and tech as startlingly retrograde and primitive

18:55:21               From  Vibhav Mithal : Allocating budget to education will be very important for AI – and will help create a more aware society. Great point Virgine!

18:55:27               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to   David Wood(Direct Message) : 1 min of reflections from the day would be ideal

18:55:30               From  Paul Levy : Mark Zuckerberg isn’t exactly Yoda

18:55:33               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to   David Wood(Direct Message) : Are you ok to turn the camera on?

18:55:41               From  Paul Levy : Yoda = pagan

18:55:46               From  Alex Monaghan Eckoh : Philanthropy can happen – the MPESA project from Vodafone for example.

18:55:48               From  David Wood   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Fine – I’ll draw some thoughts together quickly

18:55:56               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher   to   David Wood(Direct Message) : Thank you

18:56:21               From  Markus Krebsz : @Paul agree as it’s somewhat very tunnel-vision-like limited in a certain niche. If it’s asked to do something “outside the Ai box” it fails usually miserably. Whereas many humans would not!

18:56:53               From  Markus Krebsz : Zuckerberg is more like impersonified Ai @Paul 😉

18:57:16               From  Tathagat Varma : Thanks for a lively conversation this evening!

18:57:45               From  Ana Montes : Thank to the panel for your input.

18:58:47               From  Markus Krebsz : Yes, big thank you to all the panelists for their inspiring talks.

Thanks to MKAI & Richard for another fabulous session

Thanks to Jaisal for being a good bad cop and Vib for keeping the comms sane and organised

Thanks to Paul for his enlightened views

Thanks to everyone for everything you do!

18:59:16               From  Liam McDermott : Thank you everyone! Great session!!

18:59:24               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Can we answer this in 20 secs 🙂

18:59:25               From  Murali Sathya : Thanks to all the speakers, Richard and MKAI

19:00:03               From  Bruce Hoffman : Thanks to everyone again.  Enlightening conversation

19:00:06               From  Markus Krebsz : Maybe Ai helps us more to learn / understand ourselves?

19:00:17               From  Paul Levy : Superb variety of perspectives and diversity of speakers – wonderful session MKAI!

19:00:47               From  Vibhav Mithal : Thank you everyone!! For the final time – all the MKAI links for you to join –

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19:01:13               From  Markus Krebsz : See some (many) of you on the MKAI WhatsApp group chat

19:01:51               From  Vibhav Mithal : Here is the LinkedIn link  for the event if you want to comment –

19:03:03               From  Markus Krebsz : Agree with Virginie – deffo an Ai information overload

19:03:09               From  Megan : Here’s the info about the Cognilytica CPMAI Education for Methodologies and Best Practices again just to make sure everyone has access:

19:04:06               From  Markus Krebsz : An Ainiverse

19:05:17               From  Markus Krebsz : Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow comes to mind…

19:05:19               From  Gerry Copitch : Spot on David!!!

19:05:38               From  Markus Krebsz : There’s actually benefit in slowing some of that velocity down

19:06:26               From  Paul Levy : Watch out for the future of REAL Ai: Self-repairing plastics, artificial biology- brain enhancement and new forms of life grown in a lab, msnipulation of physics, morphogenic fields – here it comes! NON-ELECTRIC AI, non coded AI, ………

19:06:42               From  Odilia Coi : Amazing @David! Thank you so much for such a rich session!

19:08:36               From  KaT . : Thank you everyone!! Another fantastic event !!

19:09:00               From : Thank you everyone for a fascinating discussion.

19:09:02               From  Pinal Patel : AMAZING !!!! Thank you everyone

19:09:09               From  Odilia Coi : Thanks @Vibhav  brilliant as always!Kudos for @Jaisal and @Richard for the moderation!

19:09:23               From  Chinmoy Baruah : Thank you everyone!

19:09:25               From  Mario Angelelli : Thank you for sharing your experience!

19:09:31               From  Harold Huggins : Thanks

19:15:23               From  Jaisal Surana : thanks everyone

19:15:31               From  Jaisal Surana : thanks @Odilia for your kind words

19:16:03               From  Jaisal Surana : Thanks @Markus.

19:17:35               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher :

19:17:47               From  delphine_nyaboke : I had a wonderful time today. see you soon 

19:18:01               From  Karen Beraldo : Thank you Delphine!

19:18:45               From  Aleksandra Hadzic :

19:19:10               From  Henry Kafeman : Fascinating and thought provoking as ever! – Thanks all…. Have to go…

19:19:21               From  Vibhav Mithal : Thank you Henry!

19:19:31               From  Karen Beraldo : Thank you

19:19:35               From  Kathleen Walch : I need to go too- bye everyone!

19:19:54               From  Karen Beraldo : Kathleen you are amazing! Thank you!

19:19:59               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Thank you Kathleen

19:20:17               From  Jaisal Surana : Thank you Kathleen wonderful talk to know you

19:27:45               From  Harold Huggins : Hi Everyone,

Downtown Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California,  is a community organization that delivered a bid proposal to purchase the Crenshaw Mall. Deutsche Bank denied the community’s bid: how do I introduce the development of an AI park to better the community. Here is the URL link to Downtown Crenshaw,

Here is my email address, Harold Huggins,


19:28:48               From  Vibhav Mithal   to   Richard Foster-Fletcher(Direct Message) : Ask her to join Errol and Monika group?

19:30:14               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher :

19:31:20               From  Jaisal Surana : sorry need to drop off for dinner.

19:31:37               From  Aleksandra Hadzic : All good, enjoy Jaisal, many thanks for wonderful moderation!

19:31:37               From  Karen Beraldo : Thank you so much Jaisal!!!

19:31:48               From  David Wood : Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!

19:32:00               From  Jaisal Surana : thanks @Alex, @Karen

19:32:02               From  Virginie Martins de Nobrega : Dear all, I need to leave. Thank you for having us tonight. Thank you for this Community. Kindest, Virginie

19:32:06               From  Jaisal Surana : see you.

19:32:21               From  Aleksandra Hadzic : Dear Virginie, thank you so much for wonderful insights and for staying with us

19:32:23               From  Arundhati Kandan Ramdas : Thank you hosting this wonderful event! I have to leave but it was a very interesting and educational session. I hope I meet you all virtually soon at another event about AI!

19:32:27               From  David Wood : I need to leave too, sorry. It’s been a great session.


19:33:10               From  Karen Beraldo : Virginie thank you so much for blowing up our minds! Loved your talk, hopefully we can continue connected

19:33:30               From  Karen Beraldo : Thanks David, it alwyas wonderful to have you with us

19:34:02               From  Karen Beraldo : Thank you Arundhati!

19:37:03               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : The pernicious myth of infinite growth

19:37:38               From  Vibhav Mithal : Need to drop off. Thank you so much Richard, and everyone who joined us today. Please take care everyone!

19:39:20               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Glad I’m wearing my bamboo t-shirt right now 🙂

19:40:32               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : hahaha Richard


have a great evenings

thanks for fab insights


my parting thoughts we, by nature, introspect with things around us, so why should AI be any different in our application.


reading T-Minus AI and Heartifical Intelligence which amplifies this more and more

19:40:58               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Thanks for being here Lavina

19:41:08               From  Lavina Ramkissoon 🙂 : hahaha, useless information they making waterless beer to have planet

19:41:09               From  Karen Beraldo : Thank you Lavina!

19:44:58               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Here’s the link to Women in MKAI

19:47:40               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher :

19:51:43               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Is this you Frank?

19:56:55               From  Harold Huggins : Thanks, and good night everyone

19:57:09               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : Good night Harold

19:57:11               From  Karen Beraldo : Thank you Harold!

19:57:21               From  Karen Beraldo : Have a good rest

20:09:05               From  Charu Nair : What does MK stand for? 🙂

20:09:33               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : More Kindness

20:09:35               From  Karen Beraldo : MK = Milton Keynes

20:09:59               From  Karen Beraldo : Wonderful!!!! Wish I did not say anything

20:10:51               From  Richard Foster-Fletcher : I just checked the website and apparently it does stand for Milton Keynes 🙂

20:10:57               From  Charu Nair : Yeah Richard! Like that lots

20:11:08               From  Charu Nair : 🙂

20:13:01               From  Charu Nair : Thanks all