MKAI & FringeReview Pop-up Forum: The rise of AI in the Arts – Time for a proper discussion?

Catch the insightful recap of our recent pop-up forum that delved deep into the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and the Arts! 🌟🎭

Discover how the rise of Generative AI is causing seismic shifts in the artistic landscape! From copyright conundrums to exhilarating creative opportunities, our expert panellists explored the dynamic reactions within the creative sector. 🚀🎶

This conversation is a must-watch for anyone captivated by the entwining of creativity and technology, hosted by Paul Levy and Richard Foster-Fletcher, our panellists included:

  • Chris Frawley, Freelance Journalist
  • Piotr Mirowski,  Staff Research Scientist at Deepmind, Fringe Performer
  • Colleen Lavin, Fringe Performer and Developer Advocate

Tune in, absorb the insights, and ignite your own artistic journey into the future! 🚀🔮