MKAI Deploys State-of-the-art Mixed Reality Prototype For Greener Manufacturing

Milton Keynes, England, 03 AUGUST 2022

MKAI sets the bar high for public-private technology partnerships in the education sector. Powered by a partnership with Milton Keynes College and Silverstone Technology Park, MKAI has developed a mixed reality prototype that drives productivity growth in the manufacturing industry while reducing waste. 

Danecca Hololens 2 Prototype for Greener Manufacturing by MKAIMorality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (MKAI), with partner Riiot Digital, is helping the manufacturing sector by deploying its holographic mixed reality manufacturing prototype solution, which offers a graphics display overlaid onto physical surroundings for increased efficiency. Mixed reality brings an entirely new dimension, literally and figuratively, to the manufacturing industry. The prototype, that was tested by Danecca a leading EV battery manufacturer, aims to demonstrate to manufacturing companies how augmented reality can help them improve timelines, reduce product waste, and reduce the error rate.

The MKAI project, which was catalysed by SkillsHub:MK, a UK Government funded skills and development programme aims to provide to the manufacturing sector a far more complex series of calculations than most commercial and industrial applications. The project merges the physical world with virtual layers of information, allowing for easy communication and exchange of design data between experts in manufacturing, engineering, sales, and marketing.

Holographic image from Danecca HololensWhen asked about the uniqueness of the prototype, Richard Foster-Fletcher, Chair of MKAI, said, “We understand how to leverage mixed reality to bridge the gap between intuitive experience design and enterprise deployment. Our Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality prototype for Danecca allowed them to inspect the production process in real-time. We take pride in using the most advanced information technologies to create innovative solutions that increase overall efficiency and reduce waste in the production process.”

HoloLens 2 mixed reality solution is a highly optimized and streamlined application that runs directly on the HoloLens 2 enabled device, using Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, to host the web services and augmented reality content. It transforms end-use products’ design and assembly process by displaying real-time digital information over physical objects. This allows sharing of data across teams easily, improving the quality of the products, and reducing costs by increasing efficiency at every production line stage.Gregg Scott, Mechanical Design Engineer for Danecca Limited, shared his thoughts on the MKAI solution stating, “This wearable technology takes Danecca to the next level of being able to provide quality products for the first time for their customers. We have very little room for error; this tool gives us total confidence and proves to our customers that we have taken the steps necessary to ensure quality products that meet safety requirements.”

About MKAI
Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence ( is a Development Agency and Global Technology Stakeholder Community serving the needs of Governments and Educational Institutions to help develop, deploy and govern emerging technologies.

About Danecca
Danecca is a specialist battery engineering company that designs and manufactures battery systems. James Hampshire, Manufacturing Engineer at Danecca Limited, explains that the solution from MKAI strengthens the company’s aim to be one hundred percent sustainable with zero carbon offset.

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We take pride in using the most advanced information technologies to create innovative solutions that increase overall efficiency and reduce waste in the production process.

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