MKAI Forum Archive

April 2022 - Inclusive AI Forum:
Making the future of work, work for everyone

Dr. Naeema Pasha, Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Director of Henley Careers and Professional Development at Henley Business School
Sam Chaher, Data Science Recruitment Consultant; Data & AI Community Organiser at Austin Fraser
Maria Mac Andrew, Head of Diversity and Communities at AIEthics.World
Timi Olagunju, Tech Lawyer and Policy Consultant; Associate Partner at The Timeless Practice

February 2022 - Inclusive AI Forum:
Cultural Representation in Artificial Intelligence

Joanna Bryson, Professor of Ethics and Technology and Co-Founder of the Hertie School Centre for Digital Governance
Patricia Shaw, AI and Data Ethics Consultant, CEO and Founder at Beyond Reach Consulting Limited
Chris McClean, Global Lead, Digital Ethics at Avanade
Cansu Canca, Director and Founder at AI Ethics Lab; Research Associate Professor & Ethics Lead at Institute for Experiential AI | Northeastern University
Animesh Jain, Research Manager at MKAI
Mafunase Ngosa Malenga, Founder & Managing Director at Southern Africa Institute of Aviation, Science & Technology
Vibhav Mithal, Managing Associate at ANAND AND ANAND

November 2021 - Inclusive AI Forum:
Licensing Artificial Intelligence - Is it practical, critical or political?

Matthew James Bailey, Pioneer - Ethical AI and Consciousness
Jacquie Hughes, Director, Department of Media and Creative Expression
Jibu Elias, AI Ethicist, Activist, and Researcher
Tania Peitzker, PhD, Information Technology Specialist
Danielle Adrianna Davis, Esq., Director, Technology Policy at Joint Center
Nicole DuPuis, PhD., Policy and Advocacy Lead at May Mobility
Oriana Medlicott,Technology, Innovation & AI Ethics Strategy @ Fujitsu
Rupa Singh, CEO and Founder at AI Beehive

October 2021 - Inclusive AI Forum:
How will we use Artificial Intelligence in 20 years?

  • S.B. Divya, Author and Editor, Futurist
    David Wood, Transhumanist, Author and Futurist
    Helen Gould, Technology Strategist and Futurist

    Danilo McGarry, Head of Automation at Ai
    Andy Riemer, Social Impact Consultant and Associate at SidePorch
  • September 2021 - Inclusive AI Forum:
    The Ethics and Imperative of Digital Nudging

    Dr. Mareike Möhlmann, Assistant Professor at Bentley University
    Vas Bhandarkar, Chief Executive Officer at ScoreData Corporation
    Kristina Podnar, Digital policy Consultant
    Fabio Tollon, Doctoral Researcher in Philosophy at Bielefeld University
    Tom Savigar, Founder at Avansere AS

    August 2021 - Inclusive AI Forum:
    What will it take to solve the bias problem in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    Ryan Carrier, Executive Director at ForHumanity
    Atenkosi Ngubevanaba, Group Executive at Vodacom
    Hema Lakkaraju, Founder at HAYAG Corp
    Simon Swan, Head of Machine Learning | Synthesized: Data for what's next.

    MKAI July 2021 Inclusive AI Forum: Could Artificial Intelligence be different to other technology waves?

    Johan Steyn, Human-Centered AI Advocate and International Speaker
    Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA, International Law, Human Rights and AI Ethics Specialist
    Haroldo Sato, CEO Power Eight Leadership Studio
    Kathleen Walch, Managing Partner at Cognilytica

    MKAI June 2021 Inclusive AI Forum: AI in 2030

    David Wood, Futurist, Catalyst, Author, Singularitarian
    Dr. Valérie Morignat, Global Responsible AI Leader at Accenture
    Dr. Rose Mwebaza, Specialist Advisor for Climate Change at MKAI.Org
    Timi Olagunju, Tech Lawyer

    MKAI June 2021 Technical AI Forum: 'Soft Skills' Development for Machine Learning Production

    Giovanna Reggina Galleno-Malaga , Technical Project / Delivery Manager & Data Analyst @bip xTech
    Ghaith Sankari, AI for Healthcare & Health economics
    Ammar Mohanna, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Assentify
    Manpreet Budhraja, Associate Product Analyst at Angel One
    Jaya Vijayen, AI Policy Group, AI and Digital Policy at Center for AI and Digital Policy
    Jaunius Urbonas, Principal Data Science Consultant

    MKAI May 2021 Inclusive AI Forum: Rethinking Data Monetization

    Gema F.B. Martín, Scientist, Psychologist & Digital Artist and Director at
    Jack Nikogosian, CEO at ARYZE
    Debbie Reynolds, Global Data Privacy & Protection Expert Strategist

    MKAI April 2021 Inclusive AI Forum: The Business Rationale for Ethical AI

    Ton Wagemans, Partner at Considerati
    Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School
    Merve Hickok, Founder

    MKAI April 2021 Technical Forum: ML Methodologies

    Thom Ives, Ph.D, Lead Data Scientist at UL Prospector
    Greg Coquillo, Amazon Program Manager
    Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder at SalesChoice Inc
    Ghaith Sankari, DeepLearning Practitioner
    Manpreet Budhraja, Founder at A.I.M. Learning
    Ammar Mohanna, Professional Ph. D candidate at Knowhedge

    AI Leaders Community Event - April 2021

    MKAI March 2021 Inclusive Forum: Trust in the age of AI - Part 3: Data Disclosure

    Nikita Lukianets, Founder at Open Ethics
    Matthew Bailey, Founder at AIEthics.World
    Pamela Michelle Jasper, AI Ethicist
    Matt Eustace, Head of Content at Aiimi

    MKAI March 2021 Technical Forum: AI and Environmental Sustainability - Part 3: AI For Smarter Energy Management

    Dr. Ritula Thakur, Associate Professor at NITTTR Chandigarh, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India
    Sergio Zambrano Perilla, PhD Researcher at Universiteit Gent
    Gargya Gokhale, PhD Student at IDLab UGent
    Giancarlo Manzano, Project Development Specialist at SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH
    Rosana de Oliveira Gomes, Lead Machine Learning Engineer & Project Manager at Omdena

    MKAI February 2021 Inclusive Forum: Trust in the age of AI - Part 2: AI Understandability

    Renée Cummings, AI Ethicist
    Aleksandra Przegalinska, Vice Rector at Kozminski University and AIER Research Fellow
    Reid Blackman, CEO at Virtue and EY AI Advisory Board Member
    Paul Sliwinski, Consultant Team Lead at Aiimi

    MKAI February 2021 Technical Forum: AI and Environmental Sustainability - Part 2: AI & Sustainable Cities

    Dr. Zhuangfang (NaNa) Yi, GeoAI Team Lead & Machine Learning Engineer at Development Seed
    LeaAnne Ross, Director at Evergreen Canada
    Shravan Kumar A, Client Success at Gramener
    Dr. Monika Kuffer, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC, University of Twente)

    MKAI January 2021 Inclusive Forum: Trust in the age of AI - Part 1: AI Fairness

    Jon Thor Sigurleifsson, Corporate Punk & Creative Nerd
    Lavina Ramkissoon, African trend influencer & AI strategist
    Dr. Eva-Marie Muller-Stuler, Chief Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics & AI Practice leader, GBS at IBM
    Tulsee Doshi, Google Product Lead – ML Fairness and Responsible AI

    MKAI January 2021 Technical Forum: AI and Environmental Sustainability - Part 1: AI and Earth Observations Data

    Dr Gilberto Camara, Secretariat Director, GEO
    Grega Milcinski, General Manager at Sinergise
    Catherine Nakalembe, PhD, Assistant Research Professor at University of Maryland

    MKAI November 2020 Expert Forum

    Rudy van Belkom, Futures Researcher at Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT)
    Dr. Danko Nikolic, Brain and Mind Scientist
    Alison B. Lowndes Artificial intelligence DevRel at NVIDIA

    MKAI November 2020 Technical Forum

    Suchitra Sathyanarayana, Machine Learning Solutions Lab at AWS
    Jack Lawton, Data Science Principal at Aiimi
    Marcin Brdyś Freelance Data Scientist

    MKAI October 2020 Expert Forum

    Dr. JT Kostman, AI Psychologist & CEO at ProtectedBy.AI
    Nikhil Malhotra, Global head of innovation at Tech Mahindra
    Hessie Jones, Digital Strategist and Privacy Technologist>
    Silvie Spreeuwenberg, AI Specialist

    MKAI October 2020 Technical Forum

    Ghaith Sankari, Senior Consultant at AI-Hut
    Giuseppe Bonaccorso, Head of Innovative Data Science at Major Pharma Corp
    Josh Stanley, Visual Designer at Aiimi
    Luke Rawlence, Data Scientist at Aiimi
    Dennis Rothman, Data Science Author, Instructor and Speaker

    MKAI September 2020 Expert Forum

    Daniel Hulme, CEO of Satalia
    Irene Phoebe Kiwia, Founder of eCOBbA and Twaa and Co-Founder of Ada Labs Africa
    Heena Purohit, Lead Product Manager – Watson IoT at IBM
    Geoff Keeling, AI Ethics Fellow at Stanford University

    MKAI September 2020 Technical Forum

    Ulie Schnaithmann, ML Scientist at Arterys
    Jan Jitse Venselaar, Data Scientist, Consultant, Architect,
    Jack Lawton, Data Science Principal at Aiimi
    Paul Sliwinski, Consultant Team Lead at Aiimi

    MKAI August 2020 Expert Forum

    Frits Bussemaker, Chairman, Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age (I4ADA)
    Anusua Trivedi, AI for Good Research Lab, Microsoft,
    Richard Fielding, Smart Water Systems Engineer at Anglian Water
    Jack Lawton, Data Science Principal at Aiimi
    James Robinson, Data Consultant
    Tajhame Francis, Data Scientist at Aiimi

    MKAI July 2020 Expert Forum

    Melissa Sassi, Chief Penguin, IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator and CEO & Founder, MentorNations
    Ali Serag, Co-Founder of Fostrum,
    Joaquin López Herraiz, Associate Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    Professor Christoph Lütge, Director of the TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at Technical University of Munich
    Sharada Mohanty, Co-Founder at AIcrowd
    Dr. Richard Benjamins, Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefonica
    Reece Cook, Data Scientist at Aiimi

    MKAI June 2020 Expert Forum

    John Kamara, Director at Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa
    David Troy, CEO at 410Labs,
    Alice PiterovaManaging Director at AI for Good UK
    Rudradeb Mitra, Founder at Omdena
    Luke Rawlence, Aiimi

    MKAI May 2020 Expert Forum

    Ivana Bartoletti, Co-Founder, Women Leading in AI Network
    Arif Khan, UiPath,
    Dr Naeema Pasha, Henley Business School
    Dr. Khaleelah Jones, DIME
    Azim Zicar, Zicar Consultancy Ltd

    MKAI April 2020 Expert Forum

    David Wood, Futurist

    MKAI March 2020 Expert Forum

    Stuart Leach, Technical Director – Cyber Consulting, Grant Thornton LLP
    David Nordell, Cybersecurity & Financial Intelligence Thought Leader,
    Imtiaz AdamFounder and Director of Machine Learning, Deep Learn Strategies

    MKAI February 2020 Expert Forum

    Peet Denny, AI Advisor and Entrepreneur
    Dr Alistair Willis, Senior Lecturer in Computing at the Open University

    MKAI January 2020 Expert Forum

    Sarah Mannion, NVIDIA Evangelist
    Andy Feltham, VP of Innovation at Filament AI