Mixed Reality Racer Track Craft Is Now Fully Playable In VR

Former mixed reality exclusive Track Craft now includes an immersive VR mode, and it’s heading to the main Quest Store in August.

Following last year’s early access launch, Track Craft from Brainz Gamify received a major update that adds an MR/VR toggle to “seamlessly” switch between both modes. Today’s update also includes two new camera perspectives: a cockpit view and a third-person perspective that follows your car. The studio states it also introduced a “significant” visual upgrade.

Elsewhere, Track Craft’s new update implements a ‘Head-to-Head’ multiplayer mode that lets you race with friends. Brainz Gamify also added a “League-based points system” that keeps track of player rankings, while the Track Editor now lets you design tracks entirely from scratch. You can also find some new UI changes, a fresh tutorial with a voice-over, and more.

As for future plans, Track Craft will move from App Lab to the full Quest Store upon full release at the “end of August.” This upcoming update will include two new Track Packs, a new Garage for car customization, and real-time multiplayer that uses a shared space with Avatars. Come full release, Track Craft will also receive a price increase from $10.49 to $20.

Track Craft is available now in early access on Quest App Lab, and it’s also out on Pico.

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