Mixed Reality FPS Spatial Ops Leaves Beta This Year On Quest

Spatial Ops, the mixed reality FPS from Resolution Games, will reach the main Quest Store later this year.

Initially revealed two years ago, Spatial Ops previously appeared as an open beta on SideQuest. This Laser Tag-like experience turns your living space into a battlefield, fighting friends or bots, supporting 1-8 users on Quest 2, Pro, and 3. You can choose between Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and a free-for-all mode.


Resolution confirmed that the beta version will still be available until the official launch, also outlining some changes existing players can expect in the launch version. Spatial Ops is currently focusing on “reduced gametime setup, pre-set and movable maps, performance optimization, more gameplay, more enemies, and more modes.”

We enjoyed Spatial Ops during our hands-on preview in 2022, calling it an “impressive” mixed reality multiplayer game.

So while it might be hard to find eight friends with Quest headsets, gather them together at a huge indoor play space and setup a game, that shouldn’t take away from the achievement and thrill of Spatial Ops. If you can, I highly recommend giving the game a try – it’s a magical peek at the future of mixed reality gaming and unlike anything else available at a consumer level.

Spatial Ops arrives on the Meta Quest platform in 2024.

Hands-On: Spatial Ops Delivers Impressive Multiplayer Mixed Reality, Available Now
Spatial Ops is a competitive FPS designed for mixed reality passthrough on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, available now in open beta on SideQuest. We recently tried it out and there’s a lot to be excited about. The last year or so has seen a big increase in “mixed