MiRacle Pool Cues Up Mixed Reality Billiards Soon On Quest

MiRacle Pool serves up mixed reality billiards in two weeks on the main Quest Store.

Developed by Pixel Works Studios, MiRacle Pool previously appeared on Quest App Lab last October and it’s now receiving a full release. Unlike ForeVR Pool‘s MR support, MiRacle Pool was designed “from the ground up” for mixed reality, promising “realistic ball physics” that’s been developed over three years and a “lock and shoot” mechanic for cue stick handling. You can see this in action below.


Detailed in a press release, MiRacle Pool supports solo matches against AI opponents for 8 Ball and 9 Ball pool, while the ‘Practice Mode’ adds 10 Ball, Snooker and Drills options. Online multiplayer supports both private online multiplayer matches and a ranked mode. You can also select two mini-games – Countdown Challenge and Moneyball Challenge, both of which have leaderboards.

Finally, Daily Challenges can earn you bonus XP for MiRacle Pool’s progression system. On the store page, Pixel Works Studios states that ranking up will unlock new tables, balls, cues, and more. In a brief FAQ, the developer confirms that a smaller table option is available for smaller rooms, stating that you can rotate and move the table as needed.

MiRacle Pool arrives on June 20 on the Meta Quest platform for $15.