Meteora: The Race Against Space Time Cascades Toward PSVR 2

Meteora: The Race Against Space Time lets you race across the stars on PSVR 2.

Developed by Big Boot Games, Meteora: The Race Against Space Time is an arcade combat racer inspired by sci-fi movies and scientific documentaries. One of five PS5 games recently announced as part of Sony’s India Hero Project, you play a meteor cascading through the universe as you attempt to destroy rival meteors.

Here’s the full description:

Shoot yourself into the nebula and join a race for survival. In this arcade combat racer, you’re not just a meteor but a force of nature. Cascade your way through a volatile universe of awe and wonder as you outmaneuver, pursue, and obliterate rival meteors in a dazzling display of strategy and skill. Harness the power of the cosmos, level up your abilities, and climb the leaderboard in an experience that’s as thrilling as it is unforgiving. 

Announced in 2017, this marks the first public update for Meteora since 2022. Big Boot Games previously confirmed they were taking it “back into development,” and the official website hasn’t been recently updated. While features like 60+ levels, “harder difficulties levels, and unlockable hidden boss challenges” were promised, it’s unclear if those are still included.

A release window for Meteora: The Race Against Space Time remains unconfirmed. When asked if VR support is planned on Steam, Big Boot Games advised UploadVR that “Meteora will be coming out on PS5, PC and PSVR 2.”