Meta Offering 1-Hour Weekend Trials For Top Multiplayer Quest Games

Breachers and Racket Club are free to try for one hour each this weekend on Quest headsets.

The new program from Meta spotlights high quality multiplayer VR games from its store each weekend through Aug. 12. Starting Friday afternoon, July 12, at 3 pm local time, Breachers and Racket Club will be accessible for an hour each.

While that should be enough time to learn controls and meet up with a friend, for many multiplayer VR games an hour is going to be a pretty tight window. Even extending trials to 90 minutes would give a lot more breathing room to players.

Meta is currently offering a “play now, pay later” program for Quest 3 headsets which bundles in the Quest+ games subscription over two years. We’ve seen reports that a Quest 3S headset is nearing release to replace the outdated Quest 2 and, in September, Meta is expected to announce a raft of updates for VR headsets and AR glasses at its next Connect event.

Overall, Meta and its development partners working in early access as well as full store release are likely to unleash a torrent of new VR content for Quest 3 in the final months of the year. Ahead of that wave, now is a great time to try out as many free demos and trials as you can stomach.