Mare Supports Optional Eye Tracking Only Controls On PSVR 2

Mare, the ICO-inspired VR puzzle adventure, can be played via eye tracking only in its upcoming PSVR 2 port.

Initially released in 2021, Mare is a third-person VR puzzle adventure where you embody a mysterious artificial bird and guide a young girl across a mysterious dungeon using motion controllers. Featuring puzzles and exploration across an eight-chapter adventure, the newly announced PSVR 2 port includes a “full eye tracking only gameplay option,” demonstrated in the trailer below.


We enjoyed Mare in our 2021 Quest review. Awarding it 4/5 stars, we praised its “arresting palette and mystic atmosphere.”

Mare’s adherence to its inspirations steals some of the power behind its pathos but, as a sensory experience, there’s nothing else quite like it in VR. Its light puzzling clears the way for a powerfully atmospheric and deliciously ambiguous adventure that is there to drink in more than it is play through.

Mare arrives this fall on PSVR 2, and it’s available now on Quest and Steam.

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Mare’s arresting palette and mystic atmosphere help it soar, even if it uses the shoulders of ICO as a launchpad. More in our full Mare review! Now where did this come from? True, Mare was announced years back and has a few promising trailers to its name, but a