Mannequin Offers Social VR Stealth On Quest App Lab This May

Mannequin, a social VR stealth game, sneaks onto Quest App Lab next month.

Supporting five players in online 2v3 matches, Mannequin sees two Agents hunting down shape-shifting aliens. As the aliens, you can freeze to blend in with your surroundings by striking a pose. While an open alpha test is currently ongoing via SideQuest, Fast Travel Games confirmed that’s ending on April 28, and it’s marking the end with a Discord community tournament.

Fast Travel Games confirmed that Mannequin’s early access launch includes all four maps, which were previously split up during the Open Alpha. Alongside an improved friend system with party play, custom games can now be password protected and a left-handed mode is being implemented. The publisher also promises improved performance and updated visuals for each map.

Mannequin launches on May 2 on Quest App Lab for $19.99, and a Steam Early Access release is also in development. It’s also coming to PSVR 2 at full release.