Leeroy Mixes WarioWare And Memes This Year On Quest & PC VR

Leeroy is a new VR minigame collection inspired by memes and WarioWare, launching this year on Quest and Steam.

The debut game from Guildford-based Global Seer Initiative (GSI), Leeroy features over 100 minigames inspired by internet culture and famous memes. You can play solo or in online multiplayer with up to six people across a “zany” virtual universe wit head-to-head or person vs. person challenges. It seems to lean heavily on pre-existing Unity engine assets, which include the logo, as seen in the new trailer.


Described as requiring quick reflexes, each minigame promises its own brand of comedy, GSI states Leeroy’s rules “keep changing, the chaos keeps unfolding, and nothing makes any sense” as you attempt to climb up the leaderboards. “Pelt a peasant with tomatoes! Rewrite the laws of physics! Race with space cats! Make coffee for a dog,” states the publisher in a press release.

Leeroy doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it’s arriving later this year on the Meta Quest platform and Steam.