Just Hoops Pops A Shot On Apple Vision Pro

Just Hoops brings a retro-inspired arcade basketball game to Apple Vision Pro.

Developed by Realcast, Just Hoops first appeared on Quest App Lab in 2021 and takes inspiration from the classic arcade game, Pop-A-Shot. Featuring over 50 levels across several fully immersive environments with animated hoops, multiplayer is not currently supported on Apple Vision Pro but that’s coming soon. You can watch gameplay below:

We briefly went hands-on with Just Hoops on Apple Vision Pro recently. Though controllers on Quest use a tractor-beam approach that draws basketballs toward your palm when holding the trigger, Apple Vision Pro’s hand tracking requires “grabbing” the ball. Since you aren’t physically holding an object, this approach can feel rather fiddly, and judging how hard to throw is difficult. We also encountered similar problems with hand tracking on the Quest version. That said, we found an enjoyable basketball experience within after several tries.

It’s not the first approach we’ve recently seen at VR basketball, either. Last month, Vinci Games confirmed that its own arcade basketball game, Blacktop Hoops, will receive a full release this Spring after two years in early access. That promises a full campaign, online multiplayer, training options and gameplay modifiers for solo modes.

Just Hoops is available now on Quest App Lab, Pico and Apple Vision Pro for $14.99.