Jousting VR Offers A Fun Take On The Medieval Game

Grab a lance, mount your steed, and compete for glory on the playing field.

Brought to us by indie developer Vraar SA, Jousting VR is a new VR game for Quest and PC VR headsets that allows you to step into the armor of a medieval knight and compete against other players in fast-paced jousting matches. The game features lance fighting physics, a full single-player campaign, and multiplayer PvP.

“You are a knight who joined the medieval tournament,’ states the official description. “Your task is “simple.” Jump on your trusty steed, grab your lance & defeat the enemy. Take into consideration speed, accuracy, strength. Equipment is also important. The better gear the easier the task. Oh, and other knights – they want to win as much as you do. You beat them and the king’s greatest treasure is yours… and I didn’t mean gold.”

Jousting VR, while simplistic, is an addictive experience with a surprisingly robust customization system. As you complete various challenges and defeat opponents, you’ll unlock more powerful lances, stronger armor, and additional cosmetics to help set yourself apart from your competitors.

Speaking of challenges, you’ll compete against both inanimate objects as well as other human competitors in your journey from peasant to knight. Sometimes you’ll be tasked with striking targets and dodging incoming projectiles; other times you’ll compete against other knights in one-on-one jousting matches.

Jousting VR launched on PC VR headsets via Steam last month for $9.99. The game is now available on Quest 2 and Quest Pro via the App Lab.

*VRScout was provided a free copy of the game for news-related purposes.*

Image Credit: Vraar SA

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