Joining The Discussion On UploadVR Is Now Free, And Membership Is Now More Affordable

Commenting on UploadVR articles is now free, UploadVR Membership is now more affordable than ever, and you can now support us even more with UploadVR Patronage.

We relaunched the UploadVR website just over a year ago with a cleaner reading experience, faster loading time, far fewer bugs, and the ability to support our work directly by becoming an UploadVR Member instead of seeing programmatic ads. Throughout the past year we’ve been overwhelmed by how many of you have chosen to support us directly, and we’re immensely grateful for your support. We’ve also heard your feedback, and that’s why we’re making these changes.

Commenting Is Now Free

One feature we uniquely provided to members was the ability to give their take under articles, which we displayed in large font directly under the article text. But we’ve heard from our members that you want to see and engage with more viewpoints – and that’s what we’re delivering.

Anyone can now sign up for an UploadVR account to join the discussion under our articles, for free. You’ll also be signed up to our weekly newsletter, which we’ll be bringing back online soon to summarize the week’s VR news to your inbox.

Comments from UploadVR Members will be displayed first, with a larger font, and with a distinguishing tag. But others will now be able to participate too.

We’re looking forward to reading all your thoughts on the latest VR news, and we hope to hear from those with many different views. That said, please note we reserve the right to delete offensive, inappropriate, and off-topic comments and to ban repeat or egregious offenders.

Membership Is Now More Affordable

The other benefit of UploadVR Membership was, and will continue to be, supporting us directly instead of viewing programmatic ads.

We know the cost of living has been rising in many places though, so we want to make supporting us more affordable than ever. That’s why we’re reducing the price from $5/month to just $3.99/month.

We love this industry, but carrying out our work isn’t free. So please support us directly if you can. Your comments will be highlighted, your reading experience will be cleaner, and help us bring you the best VR news, reviews, guides and industry analysis we can.

Introducing UploadVR Patronage

For our biggest fans, we’re also introducing a new way to support us even further.

UploadVR Patronage is available for $29.99/month. Becoming an UploadVR Patron will help us expand our coverage in this fast moving industry as headsets, platforms, and content continue to expand and evolve.

All UploadVR Patrons will be listed on our About Us page, and we’ll also read out your name at the start of each episode of our VR Download weekly podcast.