Job Simulator Now Supports Hand Tracking On Quest

Job Simulator now supports controller-free hand tracking on Meta Quest headsets, and Vacation Simulator’s hand tracking support is no longer experimental.

Joining today’s Apple Vision Pro launch for Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, Owlchemy Labs also updated the Quest versions. Notably, that introduces hand tracking support to Job Simulator for the first time. As for Vacation Simulator, which previously received “experimental” hand tracking support in 2020 and the ‘High Frequency‘ update, that’s no longer considered experimental. Today’s update promises “better” movements and more “organic interactions.”

Job Simulator And Vacation Simulator Arrive On Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro is now home to two of VR’s best-selling titles, Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator from Owlchemy Labs.

While we’ve known for several months about the Apple Vision Pro ports, today’s Quest updates weren’t previously confirmed. When asked about Job Simulator getting hand tracking support on Quest in our GDC 2024 interview, Owlchemy’s CEO, Andrew Eiche, declined to comment.

During that same interview, we also queried how Owlchemy approached adding hand tracking support for Job Simulator retroactively. Eiche informed UploadVR that Job Simulator uses the same hand tracking system built for Vacation Simulator, telling us he considers it “easier” to use in the older game because there’s no teleportation movement.


As for what’s next, Owlchemy Labs teased in 2022 that its next project is an online multiplayer game with hand tracking. Little else is currently known, though you can read more about it below.

Gamescom: Owlchemy Labs Teases New Multiplayer VR Game With Hand Tracking
Owlchemy Labs’ next VR project will feature multiplayer and hand tracking support. Owlchemy Labs is a veteran VR studio and one of the industry’s best developers, known for some huge titles such as Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator and, most recently, Cosmonious High. At Gamescom tonight, the studio teased its