Is A VR Game Pass For Quest In The Works? 

Would you pay for a monthly VR game subscription?

Earlier this week, a Twitter user going by the name of Shiny Quagsire posted a screenshot indicating the potential release of a VR game pass for Meta Quest headsets. The image was supposedly taken from the Meta Quest app on Android (some users are reporting iOS support as well) and describes a monthly service that offers subscribers access to the “best of VR.”

Apparently Meta is adding a game pass thing soon for Quest, “Project Apollo”. Accessible via this deep link URI (on Android at least)


— Shiny Quagsire (@ShinyQuagsire) March 4, 2023

The full description reads: “Get up to two new apps or games every month with [Project Apollo]. Log in each month to redeem your apps, and grow your library with the most exciting VR titles.

Enjoy new apps the day you subscribe

Get easy access to the best of VR

Redeem and install to play right away

Redeem your apps by the end of the month, and keep your apps as long as you’re subscribed.”

Credit: Microsoft

Considering the increasing number of VR games and apps available on the Quest store, a monthly subscription service would no doubt prove beneficial for a number of users looking to get the most out of their Quest 2 or Quest Pro headsets. If the news proves true, Meta’s game pass would be the second monthly subscription service coming to Quest headsets, the first being the Xbox Game Pass.

It was announced at Meta Connect 2022 that Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) will be heading to the Meta Quest platform. At some point in the future, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to connect an Xbox controller to their Quest headset and access cloud-compatible games on a large screen in VR.

Feature Image Credit: Xbox Game Pass on Quest via Meta

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