Intel Announces Non-K 13th Gen Core For Desktop: New 65 W and 35 W Processors

When Intel launches a new family of desktop processors, it typically unleashes its high-end unlocked SKUs first, including the K and KF models. Not only does this give users a glimpse of its performance enhancements throughout its product development cycle and roadmap in the best possible light, but it also allows enthusiasts and high-end performance junkies to get their hands on the latest and most potent processors from the very beginning of the product cycle.

For the rest of the consumer market, Intel has finally pulled the proverbial trigger on its non-K series SKUs, with sixteen new Raptor Lake-S series processors for desktops. Varied across a mixture of bare multiplier locked SKUs such as the Core i9-13900 and Core i7-13700 with a TDP of 65 W, Intel has also announced its T series models with a TDP of just 35 W for lower powered computing, including the Core i9-13900T. Furthermore, Intel has launched its Core i3 series family, offering decent performance levels, albeit with just performance (P) cores and no efficiency (E) cores, at a more affordable price starting from $109.

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