Intel Announces Core i9-14900KS: Raptor Lake-R Hits Up To 6.2 GHz

For the last several generations of desktop processors from Intel, the company has released a higher clocked, special-edition SKU under the KS moniker, which the company positions as their no-holds-barred performance part for that generation. For the 14th Generation Core family, Intel is keeping that tradition alive and well with the announcement of the Core i9-14900KS, which has been eagerly anticipated for months and finally unveiled for launch today. The Intel Core i9-14900KS is a special edition processor with P-Core turbo clock speeds of up to 6.2 GHz, which makes it the fastest desktop processor in the world… at least in terms of advertised frequencies it can achieve.

With their latest KS processor, Intel is looking to further push the envelope on what can be achieved with the company’s now venerable Raptor Lake 8+16 silicon. With a further 200 MHz increase in clockspeeds at the top end, Intel is looking to deliver unrivaled desktop performance for enthusiasts. At the same time, as this is the 4th iteration of the “flagship” configuration of the RPL 8+16 die, Intel is looking to squeeze out one more speed boost from the Alder/Raptor family in order to go out on a high note before the entire architecture starts to ride off into the sunset later this year. To get there, Intel will need quite a bit of electricity, and $689 of your money.