Inspire Project

INSPIRE PROJECT - MKAI and Open University

INSPIRE: is an AI inspired interdisciplinary inclusive curriculum for multidisciplinary critical thinkers of the future”

The INSPIRE project will develop and evaluate the design and implementation of the interdisciplinary ‘co-design’ approach to include AI and data science into the school curriculum to prepare and develop our secondary education system for the fourth industrial revolution to ensure social and economic  inclusion. Furthermore, on the basis of this interdisciplinary ‘co-design’ approach, INSPIRE will suggest innovative educational policy recommendations.


Nuffield Strategic Funding

MKAI Commitments

MKAI is committed to support and collaborate with INSPIRE towards realizing its scientific and societal objectives. Concrete goals and types of collaborations that the two entities will achieve / engage in are listed below:

Curriculum and AI Expertise

Provision of AI and data science expertise to support development of a 4th industrial revolution skills certificate

Consultation, AI inspired interdisciplinary curriculum

Participation in mutual consultation processes for the formulation of educational and training policies surrounding AI and Data Science related digital skills.

Education, Dissemination and Outreach

– Participation in INSPIRE  studies.

– Participation in piloting of INSPIRE tools / educational materials.

– Participation in INSPIRE trainings and events.

– Effective networking and school community engagement on AI and Data Science through interdisciplinary curriculum activities

– Contribution to the dissemination of INSPIRE research outcomes and joint activities to members and networks in the UK and beyond.

 Co-organisation of activities aiming at the wide engagement of research and innovation/industrial community and related academic communities, assisting in mapping needs, identifying collaboration opportunities, as well as raising awareness of the possibilities offered by INSPIRE.

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