[Industry Direct] Why We Think You’ll Love Our New 4v4 VR Team Shooter ‘Strike Rush’

Industry Direct by Skonec Entertainment

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Today, we are thrilled to unveil an exhilarating trailer for our upcoming VR game, Strike Rush.

The official release of Strike Rush is scheduled for April. However, pre-orders are already available on the Meta Quest App Store with a 10% pre-launch discount.

Our 4v4 team-based action shooter is already making waves among virtual reality gamers across the globe in beta testing. We designed the game to pit players against each other in the Combat Arena, a futuristic sport celebrated as the most popular in the 22nd century.

Strike Rush distinguishes itself with its richly designed characters, known as ‘Blitzers,’ who battle it out in the arena. Each Blitzer comes equipped with unique abilities and a distinct personality, brought to life in the trailer, hinting at the strategic depth players can expect. Furthermore, the game introduces innovative elements like Blitzmon, an AI robot assisting players in combat, and Colossus, a towering machine that can significantly influence the battle’s outcome. These features are just a taste of the core gameplay mechanics awaiting players.

Following the feedback from the Closed Beta Test (CBT) we conducted in January, we’ve implemented several enhancements to elevate the gaming experience. These improvements include increased movement speed, the integration of team voice chat, weapon rebalancing, and overall quality enhancements. These adjustments are a testament to our dedication to leveraging our extensive experience in shooter development, including our work on “Mortal Blitz,” to deliver a captivating VR experience that pushes the boundaries of immersive gameplay.

For gamers keen to delve deeper into the world of Strike Rush and keep up with the latest news, we highly recommend visiting our official website or joining our official Discord server. See you all there Blitzers!

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