Immersed For Apple Vision Pro Gives You Virtual Extra Mac Monitors, With Tradeoffs

Immersed for Apple Vision Pro gives you virtual extra Mac, Windows, or Linux monitors.


Vision Pro’s built-in Mac Virtual Display feature has remarkably high quality and low latency, thanks to Apple creating a direct device-to-device Wi-Fi connection. But it has a major limitation: it only supports one screen, the physical screen of your MacBook or the first physical monitor of your desktop Mac.

Immersed has offered PC monitor mirroring and extra virtual monitors for Meta Quest, Vive Focus, and Pico users for years now, and the startup is also working with Qualcomm to build its own headset designed specifically around this use case.

As with other headsets, the new Immersed Vision Pro app lets you spawn up to four virtual monitors, for a total of five monitors including your mirrored physical one. On visionOS Immersed gives you two extra for free, and the other two extra are gated behind a $50 in-app purchase.

I tried out Immersed on Vision Pro and found it works, but the experience isn’t to the same standard as Apple’s Mac Virtual Display. Foveated rendering is harsh and noticeable (a Unity issue we noted in our Vision Pro review), the gamma seems off, positioning the virtual monitors is janky and imprecise, and the connection quality will depend on your home network given it isn’t a direct connection. You also can’t run visionOS or iPadOS apps alongside it, as Immersed uses a Full Space.

Still, it’s very useful to be able to position Mac apps across a total of five monitors. Further, Immersed supports Windows and Linux too, and can forward your virtual Persona webcam to your PC.

In our review of Vision Pro we described it as a giant portable monitor that can fit in your backpack. With Immersed it becomes five. But they’re five lower quality monitors, they require a solid Wi-Fi connection, and they shimmer when you look away.