ICYMI This Week: Hellsweeper VR, Dragon Fist, The Void & More

Looking for this week’s VR games and hardware news? Here’s what you may have missed:

Following Apple Vision Pro‘s recent launch, it’s been a quieter week for VR. Personas were improved in the visionOS 1.1 beta, we learned Vision Pro’s true active resolution and EyeSight’s secrets, while several parties are making PC VR streaming apps for Vision Pro. Virtual Desktop got an update, YouTube’s planning an Apple Vision Pro app, WebXR sites are creating cross-compatible destinations for Vision Pro and Bigscreen Beyond released a VRChat-themed storage can.

As for VR gaming, Ubisoft discussed Assassin’s Creed Nexus sales while Konami demoed a Yu-Gi-Oh! VR experience. Among Us VR got a limited-time mode, Ghosts of Tabor relaunched, C-Smash VRS is coming to Quest and Pico this Spring, VTM – Justice reached PC VR, a new Steam Next Fest is underway, Brazen Blaze entered open beta and Genotype launched the Combat Update. There was also news on Epyka, Hunt Together, BlackForge and Yupitergrad 2.

VR news remains busy and like recent weeks, we’re highlighting five stories we couldn’t previously cover before. Here’s a few more updates:

Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu Reaches The Main Quest Store

Clique Games confirmed that Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu reaches the main Quest store on February 8. Previously released on App Lab and Steam, this first person combat game takes inspiration from martial arts movies across the decades. Featuring physics-based combat, you can team up with friends in online co-op or fight against them in PvP modes.

Hellsweeper VR Drops Wrath Update Teaser

We’ve known for a while that Hellsweeper VR had a post-launch roadmap and Mixed Realms just released a new work-in-progress peek. Showcasing the Magician’s Staff, Wrath and elemental bosses, this provided a look at the Quest 3 visual update. As for PSVR 2, the studio confirms its update is “close to the finish line” following previous criticism and that the overhaul’s coming “very soon.”

The Void Could Be Making A Comeback

Location-based VR arcade company The Void could be making a return. The brand’s official YouTube channel suddenly released two new videos this week following several years of inactivity. While that’s mainly focused on customer testimonials from previous Star Wars and The Avengers experiences, its re-appearance alone suggests something’s on the way.

Track Craft Teases Potential Hand-Tracking Controls

Messing around with hand tracking since it is now a big thing thanks to #AppleVisionPro.

What do you think? Would you enjoy having more hands-on control in Track Craft?#mixedreality #passthrough #xr #game #gamedev #indiedeveloper@UploadVR @rtovr @SideQuestVR @oculusapplabpic.twitter.com/vYBH5LHT4B

— Track Craft (@trackcraftgame) February 9, 2024

Track Craft, the mixed reality racing game from Brainz Gamify, showcased what hand-tracking controls could look like. Following on from Apple Vision Pro’s launch last week, a headset that exclusively uses hand-tracking, the studio released a brief video that shows the team experimenting with this scheme.

Dead Hook Exploring 120Hz Support On PSVR 2

Following last year’s Quest launch, Dead Hook received a multiplatform release earlier this week on PSVR 2, Steam and Pico. While Joy Way initially announced the PSVR 2 release would support a 120Hz refresh rate without reprojection, a last-minute change means that it’s been switched to 90Hz. However, the publisher confirms it’s exploring options to add 120Hz back post-launch.

Other Updates

Looking for further VR news stories? Here’s what else we’ve seen this across last week:

Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck, a sci-fi comedy adventure where your main companion is a talking chicken, reaches Quest on February 22.Wordomi, Offroad MotorBike, CQB Training Arena and PinchyBird released on Quest App Lab.Rogue Stargun reaches Steam on February 16.Flipside Studio launched for Pico.Genotype is seeking beta testers for the SteamVR version.Arizona Sunshine 2 drops the Quest 3 update on February 13.Ramen VR dropped a new tease for Zenith: Infinite Realms.Bartender VR Simulator is now available on PSVR 2.Incuvo released a new hotfix for Green Hell VR.Vertigo 2 received its physical release on PSVR 2.STAK! is a new physics-based block stacking game for Apple Vision Pro.Swan Dive is a new subscription-based content service on Apple Vision Pro from Atlas V.Fanatec released a new high-end steering wheel for Gran Turismo 7.

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