Ice Lair Puffins Watch Your Walkabout Mini Golfing

Walkabout Mini Golf’s newest Ice Lair course features curious puffins and some slippery surprises.

The new paid Ice Lair DLC course is out now from developer Mighty Coconut for their ever-expanding virtual reality mini golf game. Available across Quest, Steam, PSVR 2, and Pico headsets, Ice Lair is the second in a planned trilogy of villain lairs.

Studio head Lucas Martell and art director Don Carson offered UploadVR a tour through the course in advance of its opening. We’ve got the full 19-minute tour embedded below or you can check it out on YouTube with music by Chris Reyman in the background.

The biggest addition gameplay-wise for the new lair is the addition of ice in some areas for your ball to slide over. Later on, the course takes things even further.

“Your ball goes through an ice ray and becomes an ice cube,” Martell explains in the video. “This is the first time we’re massively changing the physics on the ball.”

The feature took a lot of iteration, the developers explained, including a hot plate on some holes to melt the ball back to normal. The addition is intended to make short putts a little less frustrating.

“It’s a little mean,” Martell added. “We had a lot of fun being mean to players on this particular course.”


Mighty Coconut releases new courses Walkabout Mini Golf roughly every six weeks, with recent ones including Jules Verne-inspired Around The World In 80 Days and Journey to the Center Of The Earth, as well as the psychedelic world of Meow Wolf and elvish land of Alfheim.

For Ice Lair, the developers are toying with the new ball mechanics as well as populating the world with a number of curious puffins. While Mighty Coconut tends to keep some surprises in store for fans to find when they explore the game themselves, Carson teased:

“Is there another way for the puffins to express themselves in hard mode that made the entire experience of being here a little different?”

You can check out more of our tour videos above and we’ll have the latest about Walkabout Mini Golf in the weeks ahead as the studio prepares its next updates as well as continues to add features to the upcoming Pocket Edition.