I Am Cat: Feline Simulator Claws Around In Quest Early Access

Become cat in I Am Cat.

The new cat simulator I Am Cat is available in early access on Quest headsets. The app transforms players on Quest 2, Quest 3, or Quest Pro headsets into a friendly (or not so friendly) feline pawing its way around the house.

Meta recently changed its policies to expose more early access App Lab content on the main store. Developers have started rolling out playful experiments like Capy Oasis, teaching players about capybaras, while Hello, Dot lets loose a playful virtual creature into your room.

Don Hopper took a quick look at I Am Cat:


New Folder Games is the developer behind I Am Cat with another title on the store called Titans Clinic, described as a “🦷 Dental Sandbox” for giants where you “craft unique smiles and jaws”. With I Am Cat, players “embrace the role of a Cat. Immerse yourself in a world brimming with diversity and excitement, awaiting your exploration.”

“I’ve never been a cat,” notes one of the first Quest store reviews for the app. “But I love learning how to be a good kitty in this game!” There’s promises of future feature updates in the app’s description, but there’s already a fairly expansive cat-centric playground to mess around in. My kid played it quite a bit and quickly discovered that if you’re a bad kitty, the old lady will smack you with a pan.