HTC Giving All Vive XR Elite Owners Free Deluxe Pack With Better Strap & Two Facial Interfaces

HTC is offering all Vive XR Elite owners a free Deluxe Pack with four accessories that upgrade the experience of using the headset.

Vive XR Elite is HTC’s newest standalone headset, launched last year at $1100, and its first targeted to consumers instead of just businesses. XR Elite features the same kind of small early pancake lenses as 2021’s Vive Flow, and uses the original generation Snapdragon XR2 chip also used in Quest 2. It has color passthrough for mixed reality, but the view isn’t depth-correct and the scale is off.

The Deluxe Pack includes the following four accessories:

Face Gasket 2.0: Compared to the headset’s default facial interface, HTC claims this “offers a snug fit, evenly distributes pressure around the eyes, and reduces light leakage”.MR Gasket: This minimalist halo strap moves the pressure away from your face to your forehead and leaves the sides open so you see the real world on each side, similar to Meta Quest Pro.Deluxe Strap: Vive XR Elite doesn’t have a top strap by default, leading to comfort issues. A small side-to-side top strap is included in the box, but this new Deluxe Strap is a larger front-to-back top strap similar to Quest 3, Pico 4, and Valve Index.Temple Clips: HTC says these clips “ensure a secure connection for the battery mount”.

Vive XR Elite owners can redeem this Deluxe Pack for free until July 3 using the form here. HTC claims it will ship within two weeks.