Holoride Launches In-Car VR Device For Any Vehicle

Welcome to the dawn of the ‘Motorverse.’

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) doesn’t technically start until tomorrow and we’re already hearing major news from the legendary trade show. Earlier today, in-car VR company holoride announced the launch of holoride retrofit, a new device capable of bringing “elastic content” to any vehicle.

According to the company, the device weighs less than half a pound and is roughly the size of a smart speaker. You can connect up to two VR headsets at a time via Bluetooth to engage in multiplayer games and apps on the go. Holoride retrofit can be attached to the windshield of your vehicle via a dedicated suction cup and lasts up to 14 hours on a single charge.

“The release of our holoride retrofit kicks off a new chapter in holoride’s journey. Our vision of delivering a manufacturer agnostic entry point into the ‘Motorverse’ has finally arrived,” said Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride in an official release. “Now, any vehicle can serve as your gateway into holoride’s adaptive virtual experiences where each new ride becomes the blueprint for your next immersive adventure.”

In celebration of its launch, holoride is offering subscribers a new game from the Emmy Award-winning studio ARVORE. Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road has you taking on the role of a nine-year-old gamer tasked with saving your virtual friends and recovering the lost Pixel Stone while on a family road trip. Other holoride games and apps include Cloudbreakers: Leaving Haven, Einstein Brain Trainer, and more.

“In all our projects at ARVORE, we love challenging ourselves with new technologies and the possibilities of the VR medium” added Ricardo Justus, CEO of ARVORE, the developer of Pixel Ripped. “With holoride’s technology, we could explore creating a game in a totally new environment in a very innovative way, so we decided to explore a version of our most successful game to a whole new environment in a moving vehicle, creating a quite unique experience in Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road.”

The holoride retrofit is available now for $199 USD at shop.holoride.com. The company is also offering the retrofit Pack for $799, which includes an HTC VIVE Flow headset, a one-year subscription to the holoride platform, and a safety strap.

We first learned about holoride back in 2019. The unique VR entertainment system uses the speed and movement of real-world vehicles to immerse passengers in a growing lineup of ever-changing games and apps. Factors such as traffic and the route you take mean no two experiences are ever the same.

This past March, the company announced that it was partnering with HTC to bring its HTC VIVE Flow to select Audi vehicles. In November, the platform officially launched in Germany where customers could purchase the Pioneers’ Pack which included everything they needed to begin playing games and browsing the web.

For more information visit holoride.com.

Image Credit: holoride

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