Here Are The Meta Quest+ Monthly Subscription Games For May 2024

The Meta Quest+ games for May 2024 are now available.

For the unfamiliar, Meta Quest+ is a subscription that lets you redeem two pre-selected VR games per month. Even if you don’t play them straight away, you can continue accessing redeemed games if you continue paying for the subscription. Cancelling your membership means you can’t play your redeemed titles, though resubscribing lets you regain access.

You can redeem the new Quest+ games here until the end of May. Here’s what they are:

Stones of Harlath

Created by Garage Collective, Stones of Harlath is a retro-style dungeon crawler with melee and magical combat set on a mystical island. Back in 2021, we praised the visuals and thought it had some interesting ideas, though we criticized the lack of content and “very basic” combat.

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Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator, Owlchemy Labs’ sequel to Job Simulator, is the second Quest+ game for May 2023. It’s come a long way since that initial launch in 2019 with updates like hand tracking support, and Owlchemy recently celebrated one million sales with a Quest 3 update that adds real-time shadows.

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Back in March, Meta introduced a rotating ‘games catalog‘ for no extra charge, similar to PlayStation Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass. While we’ve seen some changes since its initial introduction, the catalog still includes notable VR hits like Demeo, Red Matter, and Walkabout Mini Golf. You can find the full list below:

2MD: VR Football Unleashed ALL☆STARA Township TaleDemeoEspire 1: VR OperativeFruit NinjaHand Physics LabJurassic World Aftermath CollectionOnwardRed MatterSports ScrambleTetris Effect: ConnectedThe ClimbUntil You FallWalkabout Mini Golf

Meta Quest+ costs $8 per month or $60 annually.