Hazel Reambillo joins MKAI as Digital Marketing Manager

Milton Keynes, England, Apr. 20, 2021

Hazel Reambillo has joined MKAI as Digital Marketing Manager.  Hazel will be responsible for extending the reach and impact of the MKAI community by managing our online and social presence. 

Hazel is based in the Philippines and has many years of digital marketing experience. She will lead MKAI’s digital marketing function working with our leaders, champions, community members, and partners to produce and share the most relevant and insightful AI content. 

“I'm embarking on a new chapter in my life and I am embracing the adventures that lay ahead with optimism and excitement. I'm happy to be joining MKAI, a responsible and inclusive AI community that engages in open-minded conversation and crowd-sourced projects regarding important artificial intelligence themes including; ethics, inclusivity, privacy and sustainability.”

"Hazel brings vast experience and expertise to MKAI at this important time. She is incredibly talented, deligent and exactly the right person to increase the reach and impact of this community and share the important work our members are doing to make AI more accessible, inclusive, and responsible. Hazel is a great example of a Female Leader moving into the technology space. She brings a fresh perspective to our work and diverse thinking. I'm delighted and honoured that Hazel has chosen to join the MKAI team.”

MKAI is the responsible AI community that engages in open-minded conversation, events and crowdsourced projects around artificial intelligence themes such as; ethics, inclusivity, privacy and sustainability. It attracts people from different walks of life, with different experiences, driving its strength and impact from its diversity and inclusiveness.