Guardians Frontline Lets You Fight 'The Queen' In Latest Update

Guardians Frontline adds a massive enemy, new cosmetics and more in today’s free update.

Developed by VirtualAge and published by Fast Travel Games, Guardians Frontline mixes first-person shooter gameplay with real-time strategy. Titled ‘The Queen Update,’ the new titular enemy is considerably larger than previous foes, and killing the Queen involves targeting weak points across its head and tail. Standard enemies can now use ‘Nydus Tunnels’ that let them jump across the map, which can only be stopped by destroying both the entrance and exit.


There are a few other changes, too. A new black energy sword skin is also available, map creators can add a time limit for Conquer Mode and create Squad Mode only maps. New accolades are available in PvP and Squad Mode, while Quest players can now buy a new in-game package containing research points, minerals and exclusive avatars.

The Queen Update marks the latest patch in a series of post-launch updates for Guardians Frontline. Last year’s ‘New Enemies and Power-Ups Update‘ introduced mushroom foes and air strikes, while February’s ‘Update 1.5‘ added further enemies, an increased level cap from 40 to 50, an updated editor mode and more.

We recommended Guardians Frontline in last year’s review. Calling it a successful mix between these genres, we believe it offers a “solid campaign” and “engaging multiplayer modes.”

Guardians Frontline is an ambitious attempt to combine the best elements of two disparate genres that succeeds in creating something truly original for the Quest platform. Through a mix of clever UI design and a focus on solid gaming fundamentals, VirtualAge manages to achieve something unique, intuitive and completely immersive.

Guardians Frontline is available now on the Meta Quest platform and SteamVR.

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