Grokit Update Lets You Pollinate Flowers With Mixed Reality Bees on Quest

Multiplayer game Grokit lets you pollinate flowers with mixed reality bees in its latest update.

Launched last year on Quest App Lab by 3lb Games (Space Dragon), Grokit received its third major update. Titled Spring Sting, these new minigames include Dragon Blast,’ a Space Dragon crossover that involves blasting asteroids & space mines. CHOMP sees you bombing fish and avoiding electric eels. Force Bees requires pollinating flowers, while Claws Out invites you to “get into the spring season with the butterflies.”

Dragon Blast

Elsewhere, Grokit’s Playlist Creator lets you arrange which set of minigames you’d like to play, the time length for each game, and whether games appear in a specific or randomized order. New difficulty ratings have been applied to every minigames and rounding out the Spring Sting are several quality-of-life updates, including how-to-play animations before each game begins. You can find out more here.

Grokit is available now on Quest App Lab.