Gracia Is A Platform For Truly Volumetric Photos & Short Videos, Viewable On Quest 3

Gracia AI is a capture technology pipeline and viewing platform for 6DoF volumetric content, available on Quest 3 and PC VR.


Simple stereoscopic 3D photos and videos like Apple’s spatial videos offer limited parallax of a view of a scene presented in a rectangle in front of you, and immersive 180° or 360° content like Apple Immersive Video offers the same in a hemisphere or sphere.

But the holy grail of real-world immersive content is truly volumetric capture which you can actually move your head or even walk through – essentially photorealistic VR, captured from the real world instead of created by 3D artists in modeling software. Gracia delivers that today for stills, and claims it will for short videos too.


Gracia short volumetric videos.

Gracia stills are possible thanks to Gaussian splatting, a relatively new technique for rendering 3D volumes by representing the scene as a collection of overlapping 3D Gaussian functions. For the short videos Gracia simply says it uses “its own AI model training pipeline”. We have yet to test the moving content.

Gracia says “only” 20 GoPro cameras are needed to capture truly volumetric video, which it claims is notably less than previous volumetric capture technology, and the rendering time is 10 times faster than “any other technology on the market”, as well as uniquely running on Quest 3 standalone without a PC.

The startup recently raised $1.2 million seed investment and has 15 developers and designers.


Gracia stills (volumetric photos).

The Gracia app is available to sideload to Quest 3 via SideQuest, or for PC VR via Steam. The startup plans to launch on Apple Vision Pro soon too.

The company wants to be on the official Quest Store, but its menu system is implemented in 2D Android app mode, which Meta’s store policies currently forbid, despite the fact that the Steam Link app for Quest works like this too.

Photorealistic VR of this kind is breathtaking to experience, and a glimpse of a future where memories can eventually be relived exactly as if you were there again. Gracia delivers what many people expected Apple Vision Pro’s “spatial” photos and videos would be, currently running on a headset a fraction of the price.