Gorilla Tag Launches On The Quest Store Next Month

One of the most popular VR games ever is finally heading to the Meta Quest Store.

After over a year on App Lab, everyone’s favorite VR ape simulator Gorilla Tag is set to make its official launch on the Meta Quest Store next month. Originally released back in 2021, the VR ape simulator was an immediate hit among players thanks in large part to its unique movement system and lo-fi visual aesthetic.

In this free-to-play multiplayer game, up to 10 players take on the role of brightly-colored gorillas and use their arms and hands to “knuckle-walk” around their environment at high speeds. You can run, jump, and climb across a variety of structures without the need for artificial locomotion or teleportation, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the role of a quadruped.

Since its launch, the game has received a number of updates, from new maps to additional game modes and cosmetics. At the moment there are four multiplayer games to choose from:

Tag – Use your incredible gorilla strength to chase other players around the map while avoiding getting tagged yourself.Infection – Outrun infected gorillas or help chase down survivors in this zombie-inspired game mode. Hunt – Hunt down a secret target and tag them or help tag surviving hunters to slow them down. The last two hunters alive, win!Paintbrawl – Use your slingshot to cover the opposing team in paint. The last team with balloons is crowned the winner.

Gorilla Tag started as a passion project of mine, and it’s been incredible to watch it grow organically along with a community of fans,” said Another Axiom Founder Kerestell Smith in an official release.

“I’m a gamer myself, and I love VR. Being able to build something of my own and put it out into the world has been a dream come true, and I can’t wait to welcome even more players on the Meta Quest Platform.”

Gorilla Tag will be available on the Meta Quest Store on December 15th 100% free of charge. There’s even support for cross-play so you can play with friends no matter what VR headset they’re using.

Moving forward, developer Another Axiom will continue to introduce new in-game cosmetics on a monthly basis. For more information visit here. It’s also worth noting that Gorilla Tag is also available on PC VR headsets via Steam.

Image Credit: Another Axiom

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