Ghosts Of Tabor Gets New Underground Map & Boss In Major Update

Ghosts of Tabor introduced a new map, boss and more in today’s major update.

Following its recent relaunch, the latest Ghosts of Tabor patch takes us beneath the streets of Matka Miest. Dubbed ‘The Collector’s Awakening,’ this update adds underground map sees you exploring sewers, subways, and subterranean environments as you navigate tight tunnels. Within the museum’s depths lies a new boss, The Collector, who has a habit of storing his victims’ bodies, and defeating him awards exclusive loot.

Today’s new Ghosts of Tabor update also introduces two new weapons. The XM250 Light Machine Gun has a collapsible bipod and built-in canted iron sight, while flashbang grenades are now available for distorting your opponent’s sight and sound. Elsewhere, Silencers were adjusted for greater realism, now requiring you to twist and click them on.

Finally, Combat Waffle Studios also introduced a new ‘Streamer Camera’ that’s presently that’s only available on PC VR. This adds stabilized FOV alongside a helmet cam, barrel cam, and reticle cam, also letting you dynamically switch perspectives when aiming down sights.

Ghosts of Tabor is available on SteamVR, Rift and Quest for $24.99. Pico and PSVR 2 releases are also planned, though release dates remain unconfirmed.