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Discussion Group

Focussed Discussion Group

A focused chat where MKAI Champions are willing to go a mile extra, in the hope to develop an output from their AI conversations. On this forum, we tap into the specific interests, topics and themes that appeal to each MKAI champion and converse on them. The goal is to allow each MKAI champion to find its own interest area to lead in the future (albeit with the crowd-sourced input which defines MKAI).

MKAI Focussed Discussion Group Telegram Discussion

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Discussion Group

AI and Philosophy

An obstacle for many coming into AI is the ability to communicate around the technical aspects of AI. AI is often seen through the lens of technical concepts and applications. This discussion group engages on a more conceptual basis, enabling broader issues within AI to be discussed while using more attainable language. Thus, making it more inclusive.

ai and philosophy Telegram Discussion

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Discussion Group

AI AND Healthcare

AI in healthcare is very broad and requires demystification. In this group, we discuss AI and Healthcare and what it can do. We talk about developments, risks, and opportunities. Join us for a crowd-sourced conversation emanating from the diverse experiences of MKAI members, who engage in a process of collective learning.

ai and healthcare Telegram Discussion

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Discussion Group

Geo AI - Green Economy, Climate , Biodiversity and Environment

A group to discuss AI and environmental sustainability. Including AI in the Green Economy, Biodiversity, the Environment, Geographic Info System Mapping with SpatialAnalysis, Sustainability. Open to all.

Geo AI Telegram Discussion

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Co-Authored Book

The intersection of AI and Extended Realities

There is growing concern about safety, security and privacy when using Extended Reality (XR) devices. MKAI's collaborative 'XR Guidebook' hopes to explain, explore and envision and guide.

New mkai book on The intersection of AI and Extended Realities

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MKAI is a partner for the new Open University project that will develop and evaluate the design and implementation of the interdisciplinary ‘co-design’ approach to include AI and data science into the school curriculum to prepare and develop our secondary education system for the fourth industrial revolution to ensure social and economic inclusion.

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Opening Up Minds

MKAI is a partner for the new Open University project about creating engaging dialogue generated from argument maps. The project will develop a dialogue system interface to existing databases of the arguments surrounding controversial topics such as Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union? or Should all humans be vegan?

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free to involved

MKAI does not currently charge individuals to get involved with projects. You can be any age, and working in any profession, your enthusiasm, interest and attitude are all we need. For those who want to support the community there is a donation link on this page.

Open Innovation

MKAI is a community of multi-cultural, diverse individuals from all over the world that care about AI being more inclusive, ethical and acessible. Our credo is kindness, open-mindedness and curiousity. If this sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you.

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We are a global network, always conversing, exploring and collaborating. All our learning materials and talks are available on demand.

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