Showing our appreciation

This is a dedication to the people that supported MKAI in the early stages. The people that helped get this community started and provided their time, enthusiasm and resources. We were thankful to you then and we are thankful now.


MKAI Founding Members, Supporters and Partners

Ellen Ward

Jaisal Surana

Tim Teece

Alex Ward

Georgina Hodgkinson

Mark Krywonos

Sharon Rai

Dr Chloe Sharp

Luke Rawlence

David Martin

Andrew Fraser

Lawrence Archard

Vibhuti Gandhi

MKAI has been a journey of togetherness. Promoting innovation whilst carrying the upmost respect for every person. This is what makes the community so strong and impactful. MKAI is a community that recognises the importance of ethical guardrails, to create human-technological wellbeing.

I express my gratitude to MKAI for making me an intrinsic family member, and helping to unleash my potential. Together we celebrate the success of intelligent and responsible technologies.

Jaisal Surana

MKAI Speaker Relationship Manager