Flat2VR Studios Is Creating Licensed VR Ports Of Flatscreen Games

Flat2VR Studios is a new gaming studio developing officially licensed VR ports of flatscreen games.

Formed by VR publisher and marketing group Impact Reality, Flat2VR Studios aims to bridge the gap between traditional video games and VR experiences. Created from the Flat2VR community, it’s partnering with established VR modders like Team Beef (Doom, Quake 3 Arena), Cabalistic (Half-Life 2 VR), Raicuparta (Outer Wilds, Firewatch) and more.

“The Flat2VR community has proven there is a tremendous appetite to experience cherished games in an entirely new way with virtual reality,” said Elliott Tate, Impact Reality partner and Flat2VR community founder. “With Flat2VR Studios, we’re thrilled to work directly with the best developers to create official, high-quality VR versions of hit titles, available directly on VR storefronts such as Meta Quest, PlayStation VR2, and Steam.”

Flat2VR Studios says its first licensed VR game is “being kept under wraps for now.” However, a release is planned for “late 2024 or early 2025” on major VR platforms.