MKAI AI Inclusive Forum February 2021: Trust in the age of AI – Part 2: AI Understandability

Speaker 1: Renée Cummings, AI Ethicist

Presentation: The extraordinary possibilities of ethical AI

Renée is committed to deploying AI to empower and sustainably transform cities, communities, cultures, and organizations; securing full participation of citizens in AI, helping companies navigate the AI landscape and developing future AI leaders.

Speaker 1: Renée Cummings, AI Ethicist

Questions and Answers

Speaker 2: Aleksandra Przegalinska, Vice Rector at Kozminski University and AIER Research Fellow

The Future of AI: Ubiquitous, Invisible and Accessible to all

Aleksandra is Vice-Rector responsible for International Cooperation and ESR + Associate Professor at Kozminski Uni. A former MIT Research Fellow and future Harvard Senior Research Fellow promoting the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life and educating the public on how it works.

Speaker 3: Reid Blackman, CEO at Virtue and EY AI Advisory Board Member

Presentation: Why we need a broader ethical AI perspective in business

Reid is the Founder and CEO of Virtue. In that capacity, he has worked with companies to integrate ethics and ethical risk mitigation into company culture and the development, deployment, and procurement of emerging technology products. He is also a Senior Advisor to Ernst & Young and sits on their Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board, and is a member of IEEE’s Ethically Aligned Design Initiative.


Speaker 4: Paul Sliwinski, Consultant Team Lead at Aiimi

Presentation: Uncomplicated front-ends for complex systems: How can we make AI products more understandable?

Paul is a Consultant Team Lead at Aiimi, where he spends his time helping users get the most out of their data. Working with customers across a variety of industries, Paul brings together multi-disciplinary teams of data scientists, engineers, visualisation/UX/UI experts, product owners, business analysts, and key stakeholders. His ultimate aim is always to help teams explore, collaborate, and resolve their most complex organisational challenges.