Fast Travel Games Reveals MoonHood Partnership For Handcrafted VR Game

Fast Travel Games announced a partnership with new development studio MoonHood, bringing a “uniquely handcrafted” game to VR.

A brand new studio led by former Zoink (Fe, Lost in Random) developers Olov Redmalm and Klaus Lyngeled, MoonHood is working with publisher Fast Travel Games to create a paper craft experience for consoles, PC and VR. Hiring sculptors to make clay characters that are transformed into 3D models, you can take an early look at these in the announcement video below.

While MoonHood’s project remains officially unannounced, there are a few things we can gauge about the game. The YouTube trailer description states this experience will “plunge players into bizarre realms,” while a press release offers this brief outline.

In the game, players will follow a heartwarming yet dark story while diving into innovative gameplay mechanics and facing horrific monsters, traversing a landscape that is as strange as it is beautiful.

“Our team at MoonHood is going down a new creative path with our studio’s debut title, using organic mediums and 3D scanning to transport physical art into the digital landscape,” said Klaus Lyngeled, Co-Director at MoonHood. “With Fast Travel Games as our publishing partner, we can ensure our dark, gritty, and poetic adventure will reach players far and wide.”

We’ll bring you the latest about this game as soon as we have it.