Exploding Kittens Brings Chaotic Multiplayer to Quest This Fall

Exploding Kittens planted its flag in the card and tabletop gaming space nearly a decade ago. Now, Saber Interactive and Asmodee Entertainment are bringing this chaotic social-strategy card game to Quest 2 and 3.

Originally released as a physical card game in 2015, Exploding Kittens is all about keeping yourself alive while putting other players in danger of getting caught in the titular incendiary felines’ blast radius. This upcoming VR adaptation will introduce a handful of new features, including a bunch of new minigames, for you and up to four other players.


Those minigames are tied to Exploding Kittens VR’s new social hub, which promises to double down on the social elements with a Metaversal bar-like setting, and VR takes on arcade classics like Breakout and Whack-A-Mole. Even if you can’t wrangle four other friends to play with, this VR version lets you play with computer-controlled opponents on your own.

We don’t know when we’ll be able to start dodging exploding kittens just yet as Saber and Asmodee have yet to announce a release date for Exploding Kittens beyond ‘fall 2024.’ You can pre-order it now on the Meta Quest Store and save 10%.