Every Meta Quest Pro Accessory Announced So Far

The Quest Pro is even better with these nifty accessories.

The Meta Quest Pro features a generous selection of accessories at launch, from a premium carry case to dedicated VR earphones and everything in between. Some of these useful add-ons come included with your headset, while others can be purchased for an additional price through Meta.

The following is a list of every VR accessory announced for the Meta Quest Pro:

What’s in the box?

The Meta Quest Pro comes with a variety of useful accessories designed to enhance your experience both inside and outside the headset. This includes partial light blockers, a dedicated charging dock, a protective cover, and Touch Pro stylus tips just to name a few.

Every purchase includes:

The Meta Quest Pro – The first in a new line of “high-end” VR headsets, the Meta Quest Pro is powered by a Qualcomm XR2+ chipset and features color passthrough technology to deliver immersive mixed reality experiences that blend the real world with the virtual. (2x) Touch Pro Controllers – The new Touch Pro controllers feature an upgraded haptics system, rechargeable batteries, improved ergonomics, and built-in sensors for advanced tracking. (2x) Stylus Tips – Stylus tips can be mounted to the bottom of your Touch Pro controllers for more comfortable writing and drawing in VR. Charging Dock – A dedicated charging dock can be used to quickly and easily charge your Quest Pro headset as well as two Touch Pro controllers.

(2x) Partial Light Blockers – The Quest Pro features an open peripheral design that allows you to engage with virtual content while remaining aware of your physical surroundings. As a result, much of the outside world is visible while in-headset. If you prefer to block out the outside world, magnetic light blockers can be mounted to either side of the device to further immerse you in VR experiences.Protective Cover – Whether you’re on the road or just prefer an extra layer of security at home, the protective cover can be mounted to the front of the device for additional protection. (2x) Wrist Straps – Similar to the stylus tips, wrist straps can be attached to the bottom of each Touch Pro controller for additional security. (2x) Charging Cables & Adapter – If you ever find yourself away from the charging dock, the wall adapter and charging cables can be used to charge your Quest Pro headset and Touch Pro controllers.

Premium Accessories

In addition to what comes with the headset, Meta is offering a selection of premium accessories that include a compact charging dock, VR earphones, and more. Some of these add-ons can be purchased now while others are available for pre-order.

Here’s the full lineup as of the time of this writing:

Incase Carry Case ($119.95)Meta has partnered with the technology protection specialists over at Incase to release a custom carry case with a hard outer shell and interior pockets. The case fits one Quest Pro headset, two Touch Pro controllers, and a few other cables and accessories. Meta Quest Pro VR Earphones ($49.99) The Quest Pro features built-in spatial audio as well as a pair of 3.5MM headphone ports on either side of the device, allowing you to plug in your own headphones for a more immersive audio experience. The Quest Pro VR Earphones promise a high-fidelity audio experience compatible with the partial light blockers mentioned earlier.

Meta Quest Pro Full Light Blocker ($49.99) In addition to the partial light blockers which block your peripheral vision, Meta is offering a full light blocker that blocks all light from entering the headset. Unfortunately, the full light blocker will not be available for purchase until November 22nd. That said you can pre-order the accessory now through Meta. Meta Quest Pro Compact Charging Dock ($79.99) This one is pretty self-explanatory. The compact charging dock is basically a smaller version of the standard charging dock. You can still charge your Quest Pro headset and Touch Pro controllers simultaneously. Link Cable ($79.99) Much like the Quest 2, the Quest Pro can be connected to a VR-ready PC to access more powerful PC VR games and apps. In addition to Air Link, Meta’s wireless streaming solution, you can physically tether your headset to your PC using pretty much any USB-C cable. That said, Meta’s official Link cable is an excellent choice for those seeking the highest quality streaming experience. The cable is 16 feet long and supports SuperSpeed USB ports.

These are just the accessories we know of so far. As more users get their hands on Meta’s high-end VR device, we expect additional manufacturers to begin offering their own Quest Pro accessories.

The Meta Quest Pro is available now for $1,499 through the Meta Store in 22 countries as well as Best Buy and Amazon in the United States. The aforementioned premium accessories can be purchased directly through Meta.

Image Credit: Meta

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