Every Game Coming To Quest 3 But Not Quest 2

Which games are coming to Quest 3 but not Quest 2? Here’s the full list so far.

There comes a point where we must say goodbye to older hardware and we’ve seen numerous signs that Meta is slowly dropping Quest 2. The company cut the headset price to just $200, the 256GB model remains out of stock and Quest 2 accessories got a major price cut, all of which suggests a clearance sale. Coupled with rumors that Meta’s developing a cheaper Quest 3, we believe you shouldn’t buy a new Quest 2 anymore.

Though we’ve mostly seen Quest 3 visual upgrades for Quest 2 games so far, several developers have publicly dropped Quest 2 and Quest Pro support entirely for Quest 3 – including one of Meta’s first-party studios. Considering Quest 3’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset offers a more than twice as powerful GPU capable of major visual improvements, it’s not hard to see why.

This list will certainly grow in the coming months, so we’ll keep this updated as we learn more. Please note that this excludes First Encounters, since that’s more of a mixed reality tutorial. While Townsmen VR was initially the first Quest game exclusive to Quest 3, it’s since been released on the older headsets and is no longer applicable.

For now, here’s our full list of games coming to Quest 3 but not Quest 2.

Alien: Rogue Incursion

Alien: Rogue Incursion is an original made-for-VR game in the Alien franchise. Described as a single-player, action-horror title, Survios confirmed that it’s coming to Quest 3 but older Quest headsets aren’t supported. However, unlike other entries in this list, Rogue Incursion is a multiplatform game that’s also reaching PC VR and PSVR 2 in ‘Holiday 2024.’

Alien: Rogue Incursion Coming To Quest 3, PSVR 2, And PC VR
Alien: Rogue Incursion was just announced for Meta Quest 3, PlayStation VR2, and PC VR. Survios calls it “the biggest, most ambitious VR game we have developed in our decade-long history”.

Batman: Arkham Shadow

Developed by Camouflaj (Iron Man VR) and published by Oculus Studios, Batman: Arkham Shadow is the first game we’ve seen from Meta’s first-party studios that only supports Quest 3. Not much is currently known about this new entry beyond the “late 2024” release window, though more details will be revealed at Summer Game Fest on June 7.

Batman: Arkham Shadow Is The Biggest Quest 3 Exclusive Yet
Batman: Arkham Shadow is a brand new entry in the Arkham series, coming exclusively to Quest 3.

Laser Dance

Created by Cubism developer Thomas Van Bouwel, Laser Dance turns the spy-fi premise of dodging lasers into a room-scale mixed reality game. Van Bouwel informed UploadVR that Laser Dance requires a room scan with Meta’s latest Quest 3-specific APIs, stating that “on the Quest ecosystem, it’s only coming to Quest 3 and future headsets.” A release date remains unconfirmed.

Laser Dance Makes Strong Case For Quest 3 Mixed Reality
Laser Dance is an incredible demonstration of mixed reality’s potential on Quest 3. Read on for our full impressions:

Starship Home

Developed by Creature, Starship Home was the first confirmed Quest 3 exclusive game. Launching in Q3 2024, this upcoming plant-filled adventure turns your living room into a starship for an interplanetary expedition using mixed reality passthrough.

“Building a rich, meaningful, and forward-looking mixed reality experience requires features that are only available on Quest 3,” Creature founder Doug North Cook told UploadVR in March.

Starship Home Is The First Meta Quest 3 Exclusive
Starship Home is the first announced Quest 3 exclusive game, utilizing its mixed reality 3D room meshing.

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